Perhaps you have already received these in your inbox; however I felt they were still post worthy.

We all know those cute little computer symbols called “emoticons”, where:

:) means a smile and :( is a frown. Sometimes these are represented by :-) or :-(

Well, how about some "ASSICONS?"

Here goes:

  • (_!_) a regular ass
  • (_?_) dumb ass
  • (__!__) a fat ass
  • (!) a tight ass
  • (_*_) a sore ass
  • {_!_} a swishy ass
  • (_o_) an ass that's been around
  • (_x_) kiss my ass
  • (_X_) leave my ass alone
  • (_zzz_) a tired ass
  • (_E=mc2_) a smart ass
  • (_$_) Money coming out of his ass


I hadn't seen those before. hilarious!!
CrazyCris said…
lol! nope I hadn't seen these before!

now if only Blogger would let us use real emoticons in our posts... ;o) works fine, but I miss that winking face!

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