"Make a Wish Wednesday"

My Wish: This week’s wish is in a way related to world peace. I wish the media would stop sensationalizing stupid people and that the following individuals would just shut up and give us some peace:

  • Jon & Kate – Enough already. It’s a tragedy when anyone’s marriage is on the rocks; however we don’t need to hear about it. When my parents divorced, it was big news in a small town, but in certainly wasn’t broadcast on CNN – perhaps it was because I was an only child.
  • Octomom – This morning I hear her complaining about Kate (of Jon & Kate) and that Kate needs to mind her own business and stop badmouthing her parenting style and how Kate has the nerve to point out that Octomom doesn’t care about her children, she only cares about the fame. Seriously? If the networks are looking for ratings, I would suggest they promote a cage match between the Octomom and Kate Gosselin. Now that would be entertainment!
  • Susan Boyle – She’s had a nervous breakdown brought on by her not winning Britain’s Got Talent. Although I feel for her dashed dreams, it’s time she came to the realization that life isn’t fair and sometimes it downright sucks. She’ll do quite fine for herself – I’m sure there’s a record label willing to sign her, a book deal and a made for t.v. movie coming her way. Leave her alone so she can get some rest and stop making such a big deal about it. Better yet, stop printing those damn scary photos of her.
  • Mel Gibson – Apparently Mel Gibson has recently lost his mind and has blasted churchgoers for gossiping about his private life. He has even threatened to close the Church if the gossiping continues. Wake up Mel, you are a celebrity and everyone is gossiping about your private life - especially since you have revealed that your new girlfriend is pregnant. The last time I checked, he was simply an actor, but certainly not a God. Mel, get over yourself.

I could go on, but at this point, my rant is over and I simply don’t give a rat’s ass.


That, my dear, sums up my feelings exactly. I think Octomom and Jon and Kate and all of their offspring should be banished to a desert island. Actually, give the kids to parents who haven't been brainwashed by fame so that they can have a semi-normal life, and let those three duke it out.
Octomom needs to stop trying to get on TV, J&K need to keep it in their pants (both of them), Susan needs a better hairdresser, and Mel needs to either go see a psychiatrist or join Scientology so he can complete the crazy-transformation! Give Tom a ring Mel!
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