Cheap Thrills...

Since it's Friday and there really isn’t much else going on, I spotted this cartoon and it made me smile; perhaps I'm reminiscent of some my past exploits or just curious of what some of your cheaper thrills might have been. Keep it clean – children may read this blog (doubtful, but just in case)!


LOL! There's a bar in Juarez that is called Electro-Q and they will actually electrocute you if you ask them too! The bar has metal strips on it and you grap hold of the edge of the bar and then they crank the power. Man teenagers are stupid. Never got to do it thank God my parents kept me home during HS and once in college I was too cool for school so I didn't go to the "kiddie" bar! :)
Ha Ha Ha! I need to get out more - I can't say I'd pay to electrocute myself. I could do it for free by sticking my fork in the toaster,

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