"Make a Wish Wednesday"

My Wish: There are certain things every scuba diver wishes to experience throughout their dive career. Once upon a time, I had wished to see schools of hammerhead sharks, dolphins and sea lions underwater. I was fortunate enough to have that wish fulfilled on my trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Now I'm striving for a few different creatures, I wish I could see a merman and a unicorn, but since that isn’t a fantasy, I'll have to settle on something else. I wish I could see each of the following (although I still believe them all to be mythical creatures). Better yet, I wish to could find them on my own without someone else pointing them out to me:

Frogfish - I have managed to find one of these on my own, but with instructions like “turn left at the rope and swim for 10 minutes and at 45 feet you will find a rusty barrel with a yellow frogfish on it”, I really couldn’t go wrong considering there was only one rusty barrel in the vicinity and the yellow frogfish might of well have been carrying a neon sign with “hey lady, over here” on it.

Seahorse – I have searched high and low for these things and I just cannot seem to locate one. I am convinced they are an urban legend and are in the same category as mermen - mythical.

Whale Shark – Considering these can grow to be the size of a bus, I’m pretty sure I couldn't manage to actually miss this guy if he happened across my path, but my deepest fear is that I will be working so hard on finding a damn seahorse, that one of these will swim right on by me without so much as making a wave to alert me to its presence.

Striped Marlin – I would love to see one of these swimming freely; however I understand they very elusive and it is highly unlikely that I will just happen upon one while I’m scuba diving in the Caribbean. I’m likely out of luck on this one, unless of course I’m deep sea fishing or in my Uncle Lenny’s basement – neither of which holds much appeal to me.


I LOVE hammerhead sharks! How cool you got to see a school of them.

This was a great post. A seahorse? I'm not a diver nor have I ever been but I would think they wouldn't be hard to find.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
That's one ugly fish! I'm from the desert so fishy smells and sights do not always cause awe in me. Show me cacti and I go "oooooo, aaaahhhh..." :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, that seahorse is cute! I have never scuba dived (dove?)...but would love to try it one day! I didn't even know that whale sharks existed!
Brian Miller said…
great wishes! i can attest that seahorses are real...did see one of those. hope all your wishes come true. smiles.
CrazyCris said…
You've seen sharks and dolphins while diving?! I'm so envious!

I've seen seahorses... but big ones: weedy seadragons in Tasmania, really cool!

there are so many critters I'd like to see underwater I wouldn't know where to begin to list them. :p

good luck with your wishes!

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