Aimless Rambling...

I can think of at least 10 other things I would rather be doing today than working. They include going to the beach, relaxing on my deck, having a nap, reading a book, going to a movie, having a root canal, licking a frog, cleaning my toilets, cleaning the toilets of strangers or cleaning public toilets. Enough said…

I took a “sick” day yesterday and spent the day cleaning my spare room, basement and cutting my lawn. I now feel guilty - not for missing work; but because I wasted a perfectly good sick day and should have spent it doing something fun like going to the beach. Damn it. What’s wrong with me?

While I was at home yesterday, I observed my son and five of his friends running through the sprinkler yesterday afternoon for over two hours. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to learn that 16 year old boys still enjoy the simpler things in life and could entertain themselves without the use of electronics or computers.

I’m thinking I need a career change, but can’t quite put my finger on what I want to be when I grow up. I don’t yet loath what I do, but I’m getting there as the boredom has become overwhelming. I obviously have obligations – both family and otherwise, so I can’t be totally irresponsible and quit my job to pursue my dream job of becoming Wal-Mart greeter; however I have been practicing just in case I win the lottery, “Hello. Welcome to Wal-Mart. Do you need a cart?”


In HS I was 16~17 and I still loved running through the sprinklers! I'd get home and my mom would say to me "REALLY!?", I was such a kid! Wal-Mart greeter huh? I think I would go for fruit selector at a grocery store, we have those here but they aren't very good. I think I would be great at that, my sense of smell is great! I can tell my roommate has been smoking in the house the minute I drive into the garage, even when she's trying to hide it
Brian Miller said…
lol. you always leave me with a smile. finding my self between jobs has given me plenty of time to think about what is next. i remember giving a talk at a local University a few years ago about discovering what you love and preparing yourself instead of waiting to the point you had to take what you could get. There are greater enjoyments in life than the money, eh? hope you find what you are looking for. and watch out for the frog...lick the wrong one and you may be seeing things for days. that would make work real interesting.
SA - I think I'll leave work early and go home and run through the sprinkler myself. That's it - maybe in my next career, I could be a sprinkler tester!

Brian - Thanks for your comments. It's funny - for the most part, I like what I do, but not the setting I do it in (i.e. the commute, the office work environment); however I know things could be a lot worse, so I suck it up and blog about it instead.
K13 said…
I have been SOOOO close to taking a sick day this week, even though I was OFF ALL of last week. I just need to get thru 1 more day and then I'm off Thur & Fri. (this job is only 20 hrs/wk, which still seems like too many hours to me) Crazy I know.

Sprinkler tester sounds awesome. Personally I'll test the kiddie pools, as i got some practice on Saturday sitting in E's kiddie pool with him. Good times!
K13 - I think we've found a winning business idea - little kids toys, super-sized for big kids like us. The thought of having fun at work - how great would that be?

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