Where Did the Weekend Go?

Monday morning has once again bitched-slapped me in the face and kicked me in the knee-cap. One would think I would be prepared for this weekly assault, but I’m sad to say no. It sneaks up on me every damn time and I before I know it, the weekend has passed me by and I don’t have anything to show for it. Two days aren’t enough time for me. If I just had one more day at home – life would be swell.

Saturdays are spent cleaning, doing laundry and the worst task on the planet – grocery shopping and if I’m lucky some time with friends or date night. Sundays are then spent on the outside chores – gardening and lawn cutting, unless it’s the winter months and then they are spent indoors on household projects. Of course, Sundays is also a day set aside for a big supper (pot roast or roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy), so needless to say, a big portion of my day is spent preparing and/or cleaning up from these suppers. Oh and I can’t forget my nap time. Naps are what get me through the following week.

The way I figure it, one additional day would allow me to shift some chores to the additional day or perhaps indulge in some “me” time. How nice would life be just sitting in the sunshine, on my deck, drinking a complete cup of coffee before it gets cold and being able to read a book? Ahhh – heaven.

Well, today is not that day and before I can comprehend what is happening, I’m in my car and my morning routine has begun. With one exception - this morning is my lucky day - I had to stop at the gas station and believe me – that particular task also annoys the hell out of me (which I can’t quite figure out why).

Anyhooo, it’s time to stop my complaining since I’m sure no one gives a rat’s ass. Here’s my happy thought for the day – it’s better to get gas in May than it is in January...


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