"Make a Wish Wednesday"

My Wish: I don't really have an exciting wish for this week, but a lot of little ones, which is the grand scheme of things are probably significant.

  • I wish I was 20 lbs lighter (at least);
  • I wish I actually liked to exercise (it would make dropping those 20 lbs a lot easier);
  • I wish I enjoyed the taste of cooked vegetables. I don't know if it's the actual taste or the consistency when they are cooked, but either way - they make me gag;
  • I wish I disliked the taste of cold beer(s), BBQ ribs and potato salad;
  • I wish I had a "real" personal trainer to motivate me (not just my husband telling me that I need to run faster on the treadmill in order to see a difference). Yeah - I know he's a treat;
  • I wish I had chubbier friends and co-workers. At least I wouldn't feel so bad about my situation if those around me had the same problem;
  • I wish I had a little more self-control/self-discipline, but this is a tough one for me - particularly since I want to enjoy life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m content with who I am overall, but of course would love to be a little better thinner…


I can pretty much say I have all those same wishes.
I'm with these two. I also agree with the coworker thing. I have one who is fitness and health obsessed, and any time anyone else eats something that she doesn't deem appropriate she makes this clicking noise with her tongue and rolls her eyes. It's so annoying.
Beatriz Kim said…
Unfortunately...or fortunately I'm in the same boat. So we can all be in the "I wish I was 20lbs lighter" group. See? You're not by yourself after all!
Beatriz Kim said…
Hello again!

I was inspired by your post and Senorita Andaluciana's post. So I wrote a post about weight issues and a virtual makeover on my Purple Idealist Blog.


Have a lovely day/night!
CrazyCris said…
I'll join in the chorus for wishes 1-2-5 and 7! Exercise... a necessary evil!

As for cooked vegetables, it kind of depends on which ones you choose and how you do them! In too many places cooked vegetables suffer from over-cooking and are therefore mushy and gag-inducing! ugh! Try grilling some sliced zucchini (after coating them with a bit of olive oil and salting them), or eggplant. Ditto grilled asparagus can be pretty good. It's usually the boiled stuff that goes to far very quickly. It's always better to pull them out sooner rather than later. After all these things can be eaten raw so it's not a problem if they're a bit under-cooked, it's much better than the alternative!

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