"Make a Wish" Wednesday - Almost Forgot...

My Wish: I wish I had more time at home.

As I work full time and spend an additional 2 hours on my commute each day, some additional home time would be fantastic. I can only imagine what I could accomplish (or not) with an additional 2 hours each day. *sigh*

I’m often asked why I don’t just get a job closer to home and the answer is easy – money.

You see, I work in the legal department of a high tech company and last I checked; there weren’t too many of those types of companies in my region of rural Ontario. The one interview I did attend close to my hometown cemented my salary suspicions – the lawyer interviewing me informed me that my salary expectations were far greater that what he was currently earning and the best he could offer me was $7.50 per hour. What? Yep, I’m still commuting and will be for awhile.

I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness for money, but I’ll be honest – I wouldn’t be happy without money. Money does buy happiness and those that believe otherwise are simply lying to themselves.


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