My Husband’s Boss is an Ass…

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I love to live for travel and my husband and I typically have our larger vacations planned at least 2 years in advance. Call us crazy, but we like to be well prepared and like to make sure our employers are well prepared for our pending departures.

We have been planning our trip to Borneo (scheduled for 2010) since February 2007 and on that note, my husband had informed his boss in writing at that time of this planned trip, so as to curtail any complaints by his boss that “he wasn’t given enough notice”.

Last week, my husband once again reminded his boss in an e-mail of the upcoming vacation in May, 2010 (still 1 year away) and his boss responds “I can’t approve that much time off in May.

There has never been an issue before with vacation approval, but all of a sudden this man decides he is going to need to change the vacation policy. WTF? Truth be told, the man is afraid he might actually need to step up and do some of the work himself in my husband’s absence. Perhaps I’m overreacting, but May isn’t even their busy period, so I’m not quite sure what he is bitching about.

I’ll say one thing, my husband is not pleased and pretty much has told his boss that he can do what he needs to do, but that he has to rethink his future with the company. Read between the lines – “go screw yourself”

My husband is an extremely patient and loyal employee and this type of knee-jerk reaction does not happen with him – EVER. I know he won’t actually quit – he also far too responsible to do that, but part of me wishes he would tell this man to “take this job and shove it”. He has put up with far too much for far too long. It just might mean that the holiday in 2010 will be postponed indefinitely, but at least it will be on my husband’s terms, not dictated by some dumbass.


Well his manager sure sounds like a big fat turd, huh? I hope it works out that you are able to go -geez he certainly gives them PLENTY of notice!
Bosses are asses. I think it's in their job descriptions. :)

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