"Make a Wish" Wednesday

My Wish: I wish a garden fairy would magically appear and weed my flower gardens in the front of my house.

I swear my neighbors are going to nominate me for “World’s Worst Gardener”. To a passerby traveling at 60 mph, my gardens appear lush and full. It’s not until you step out of the car and glance around, that you realize what first appeared to be lush and full are actually overrun, festering weed-beds. The weeds are so bad they are actually overtaking my shrubs (at least the ones the bunnies haven’t eaten). I’m saddened and ashamed every day I come home to this visual distraction. Ughh.

I realize it’s still early in the season, but if I don’t get them taken care of soon, I’m going to start hearing about it from my mother-in-law! Seriously - considering we receive messages on our answering machine informing us that our grass needs cutting, complaints about the flower gardens have to be next…

Currently it looks something like this...

I need it to look more like this - at least for the sake of my neighbours...


Oh, how I wish mine would look that good!
When I dream that's how my garden looks too! Not a reality. :D Thanks for the visit by the way!
PS: I'm giving you an award! Check my blog!

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