Gardening Weekend...

This weekend has been a busy one. Not only is it a long weekend in Canada (Victoria Day), but it is "unofficially" the weekend we Canadians begin our gardening season. The snow has finally melted, the ground has warmed up and the risk of nighttime frost has passed (hopefully).

For the past few weeks, my husband and I have been creating a backyard oasis - new deck, new flower gardens, etc. The backyard project is the main reason my front flower gardens are in such shambles. This weekend finally marks the end of the hard work - the deck is completed, perennials have been planted and mulch has been spread. The only thing left to do is to plant a few annuals - most likely geraniums and of course my favorites, gerber daisies.

This gerber daisy was photographed by my husband last year - in my very own backyard after a summer rain.


I love the picture! Good luck with the garden! Just wanted to say also that I am so envious of your weather, we've had high 90F's for several wks now. Hot as hell down here!
Señorita Andalucíana - Believe me, living in Canada has in benefits, but cold weather isn't one of them. I would love some hot weather right now!
Anonymous said…
Yep, gotta love Victoria Day! I love long weekends! Hope everything goes well with your gardening! Oh, and that is a really nice picture too!

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