28 May, 2009

Archie & The Gang...

I had heard on the radio this morning that Archie is finally going to “propose” in the upcoming issue of the Archie’s comic, which just happens to be the 600th issue.

According to the radio story, this “proposal” leaves Betty in tears and Jughead stunned. Do you think it could actually be Veronica? Could she possibly be Archie’s true love? One would hope not. I personally suspect it could be Midge; however if Jughead is “stunned”, could this comic book is turning a corner and the object of Archie’s affection is actually Jughead? Didn’t Sesame Street do something similar with Bert & Ernie?

I haven’t read an Archie comic book in years, but I just might to see how the plot unfolds…


How old are they now? 80? Just like a man to drag his fit about commitment.

Thanks for the add on your site!