The Weekend is Here....

It’s a long weekend in Canada. The technical name of the holiday is Victoria Day, which is in celebrated in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday…I think. I’m not a diehard Canadian, so my perception of actual facts might be slightly skewed. 

Anyhow, for the less refined, you can refer to it as May 2-4 (as in a case of beer – 24 bottles or cans). Pay attention - this is a fact you should file away for that day when Trivial Pursuit once again becomes a craze. 

May 24th is the unofficial start to summer here in Canada – cottagers head “up north” to open up their cottages for the season, boaters take to the Great Lakes, gardeners believe the risk of frost has passed start planting their gardens, campers will schlep their camping gear and pitch their tents for first camping excursion of the season and with all that - beer season officially arrives. 

Now, before you get concerned for my well being, rest assured that beer season never actually ends in Canada, it’s just not “officially” recognized until May 2-4.

Grab a lawn chair, sit back, relax and have a beer.  It’s on me.  Let’s have a toast to a long deceased Queen and her birthday.  Apologies to my American friends - you will have to settle for that mediocre beer brewed south of the 49th parallel.

Happy May 2-4!!  Party at the cottage eh?


Simply Suthern said…
I was thinking, How do you head north when you are already north. I quess it's relative to where you are starting. Then I thought, oh yea, half the folks at the beach near here are from Canada.

We have the race here this weekend and next so we have plenty to pop a top to. But if ya don't mind we will toss one back for the Queen in honor of our northern neighbors.

Party hard!!
@ Simply Suthern - I don't mind if you share a toast to the Queen. I'll be sure to share a toast to my southern neighbors too!
Brian Miller said…
i will toast that...

happy weekend!
Beatriz said…
Sounds like fun to me :) I will spend a dry weekend at my parents house for my sis' graduation but I may have to sneak a drink or two or three to make it thru the whole weekend :)

Have a great weekend!
Woooo Hooo, as a fellow Canadian, I love this weekend. The weather here is supposed to be amazing, I took an extra day off work today to extend my time of to 4 days.
Spent the day on the golf course today, who knows what else I will do. I will not be indulging in the traditional 2-4 (don't like beer) - Have a fabulous weekend!!
Unknown said…
I do believe that beer season is a year long, perpetual, and never ending season, and I will quaff a cold one in your honor!
Raven said…
A toast to May 2-4 day! Now if I only had a beer! lol

Have a great weekend!
Sarah said…
Yes, please toast to us 'southerners' here in the US who have crappy beer. Actually, I am impressed with a few special beers we have. Although I have never compared to Canadian beer, so who knows!? I do like wine though! I know we make good wine!

I will email you about my ridiculous issue I am having that I posted about. It is quite silly actually.

Hope you have a great long weekend! Cheers! :)

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