Hatin’ on Home Depot, Fun With Shiny Objects, Art of Avoiding Work

Friday Night - Prom Night.  The Boy’s prom was Friday night.   I might be bias but I think he looked pretty handsome in his tuxedo and his girlfriend looked cute too.  The pictures will follow when J converts them from .raw to .jpeg for me.   At this point, overall details of the evening have not been forthcoming, but I assume he had a good time.
Friday Night - Home Depot.  After we dropped the couple off at their “before” party, we were off to the unhappiest place on earth (for me) to pick up deck supplies – Home Depot.   There is something about this store that gives me the overwhelming urge to flip out every single time I go there.   Friday night was no exception.  What I was hoping would be a quick trip turned into 2.5 hours of sheer pain.  Of course the supplies we needed were on a top shelf and the 79 year old “associate” and his 18 year old sidekick had to perform 1 hour of safety procedures before they could use the lift to get what we need down to where we could then lift it onto our cart and then reload it into our truck - ugh.  It was now 8:45 pm and with no supper – I was unbearably cranky.  Next stop – A&W…
Friday Night – A&W.  Only complaint – no ice in my root beer.  I understand that when you actually go into the store, they serve your beverages in frosted mugs – great.  But what about the poor schleps in the drive-thru?  At least give me the freakin option.  Warm root beer just ruins the experience.
Saturday – Sometime to Myself.  I skipped out on J while he worked on the deck and went to another jewelry class.  I felt a little guilty leaving him sweating his ass off, but soon got over it.  I’m not one to dwell the negative – especially when surrounded by shiny items.  Spent way too much money on supplies.  Felt guilty about that too, but soon got over it.  See the pattern?   Focus on the positive…
Saturday Night – Dinner with Friends.  The highlight of the evening was when the friend’s dog stole and ate the fish that was about to go into the deep fryer.   I have NEVER laughed so hard at my friend’s expense – it was AWESOME.  Supper was delayed, while more fish was prepared, but the memories were priceless.    
Sunday – No More Avoiding Work.  I couldn’t dodge the bullet any longer and today was the day – I was doomed to help J finish the deck.  I’m not sure, but can only assume - as with most married couples, there are always some tense moments when couples work together.  Yesterday was no exception with us.  Questions like “what can I do to help” irritated him.  I was told “nothing, I’ll tell you when I need something”.  So, what did I do?  Absolutely nothing – I sat in a lawn chair and watched him work and waited to be told when to fetch something – I was a gopher (go for this, go for that).  I’m okay with that… J did a great job.  Next weekend, it will be his turn to sit and watch me work - I will be staining the deck and won’t let him help because of his lack of attention to detail enthusiasm.
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Sarah said…
Yessss! I am the first to comment for the first time ever! Woohoo! Probably because I have today off from work and can actually see your post close to when you wrote it! :)

As usual, your posts entertain! I love part about Saturday - some time to myself. Feeling bad then getting over it quick - I like the way you think! Sounds like you had an eventful weekend overall! Mine isn't over until the end of today but I didn't get a whole lot done. We had the garage sale this weekend which went well. Need to get more work done today since I was lazy yesterday. If you are bored, check out my blog later today, I will probably post some more boring stuff about my life! :)

Oh and I totally get the lack of 'attention to detail' thing. My husband is exactly like that - works super hard to get things done but doesn't always take the time needed to get it done well. Love him anyway though! And yes, there is tension with us too with big projects - you aren't alone!

Have a great day and week!
Brian Miller said…
oh man, love me some A&W, but a little ice would be nice...so prom went ok? and the deck looks nice?
Simply Suthern said…
I dont go to Home Depot anymore unless I have too. I think they are trained not to make eye contact with the customers.

I like to work by mayself with a gopher to hold or fetch. I am a machinist and am terribly anal about details.

Glad the prom went well.
Rebecca S. said…
My son works at A&W so I passed on your bit about the root beer. I'm not making any promises, though ;)

My son, who is in grade 11 is going to prom with a girl who is graduating this year as her date. So we get to do this prom thing twice. We bought him a really nice suit at Value Village, believe it or not, but it probably won't do for next year as he'll have outgrown it. Anyway, I totally related to the bit about the white socks being 'fine' with a suit.
Jacqui said…
I find a 'crystal ball' invaluable when working with hubby. I'm supposed to know 30 seconds in advance which one of 12 screwdrivers he's gonna need so I can place it directly in his hand at the appropriate time.

It's nice to get the work done though, sit back and enjoy.

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