Random Tuesday Thoughts

I’m here at work and somewhere in my vicinity “little people” are making noise.  Not dwarfs.  Children-like “little people”.  I’m either losing my mind or someone on a speaker phone has little ones playing in the background.  Next, I’ll be running around whispering “I see dead people”…
In less than a month, my son will be finished high school for good.  The next step for him is to find a summer job and then it’s off to college in September.  I’m really worried about his prospects for finding a summer job given the state of the economy and having to compete with so many unemployed candidates.
I can’t believe how utterly miserable I am now that I know the Internet Nazi Police are monitoring my internet usage.   Yes, I’m still flogging that issues…
I found out today that in a couple of months, my workload will be reduced by approximately 25% – thanks to a corporate reorganization.  Normally this would be good news, but when your workload is already at 50% removing this additional piece leaves me with a whole lot of nothing or if you prefer the mathematical equivalent – 25% more time on my hands. 
I swore I would not let it happen, but I caved on the weekend and allowed my family to rent Avatar.    I feel the same I did before seeing it.  I knew it would be a waste of my time and it was.  I cannot understand what all the fuss was about.  I continue to defend and stand by my opinion that was formed after watching Titanic - James Cameron is a turd and will remain so until the end of time.

Is it better to be dismissed and receive a severance or should I beat them to it and just start looking for a new job now?
Perhaps, I need a “timeout”.  I’ve been miserable since I crawled out of bed this morning and coming to work has just compounded my bad mood.

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Brian Miller said…
take your time out, get you a cup of coffee. that makes me feel better at least...

if something comes up (job wise) you may want to consider it...make sure the new place has no internet nazis though. smiles.
Mama Zen said…
I continue to steadfastly refuse to see Avatar. And, I think that I'm the only person on the planet who has not seen Titanic.
R. Jacob said…
"Whispering" "It's not being paranoid if they are out to get you"

Start looking"now"
Your brain is probably still trying to understand why you subjected it to Avatar, may explain today's misery. Well that and work sucks.

Hope your day gets better :)
CaJoh said…
My wife and I saw Avatar not too long ago. We both were wondering what all the buzz was about— even after watching the movie.

The best of skill to your son in finding a summer job.

Thanks for your randomness,
I have no idea why, but this post triggered my dream from last night about my 5 year old failing preschool.
Chrissy said…
If the Internet Nazi Police came to my job, I would be fired for sure.

I would look for sure but let them downsize you when the time comes. No shame in that. Then at least you have a severance.

No wonder James Cameron's wife divorced him. He was holding her back.

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