Mondays Are Full of Self-Loathing...

Have you ever have one of those weekends when you happen to over-indulge and then Monday sneaks up on you like the bitch that she is and suddenly you emerge from the fog of excess and are thrown upon self-loathing and despair? 
Yeah, this Monday is like that for me. 
I can’t pinpoint where exactly it went horribly wrong, but I suspect it started on Friday morning when I stopped at Tim Horton’s (the Canadian equivalent of Dunkin Donuts) and proceeded to order a toasted bagel with butter and extra cheddar cheese.  Lunch consisted of a baked potato with cheddar cheese and bacon from Wendy’s for lunch.  Something about the goodness of cheddar...
As Friday rolls on - pre-dinner drink or two can’t possibly be harmful right?  How can something as good as rum punch be loaded with so many calories? 
In my defense, dinner itself was full of healthy choices – BBQ chicken breast, rice and salad.  Yeah for me!  Oh wait, I just had to reward myself with a visit to Dairy Queen for dessert – a large strawberry sundae.
I think that was it….for Friday.

Saturday went something like this:
Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs, Toast and tomato slices
Lunch – Papa Burger combo from A&W (without diet root beer).  Shopping at Home Depot does that to me.
Pre-Dinner Drinks and Appetizers – Beer and Nachos
Dinner – Spaghetti, Meat Sauce and Caesar Salad and umm – some red wine
That’s a wrap for Saturday….thank God.

Sunday was a little bit better:
Breakfast – Pancakes, Coffee and Juice
Lunch – I skipped it.  Ummm wait – I ended up have some pretzels and beer in the afternoon, while enjoying the afternoon sun.
Dinner (with friends) – Pulled BBQ pork on a bun, garlic mashed potatoes, corn fritters and another beer.
Bed Time Snack – A blueberry yogurt.

Yes, there’s no doubt that I am ashamed of myself and now that I’ve recapped it – I’m hungry too and now all I can think about is lunch.  Damn!


Jacqui said…
And now I've read this I need to go see what yummies we have in the cupboard! Cheese on toast I think, you are right - can't beat a good bit of Cheddar!
R. Jacob said…
And those pants are just a little too snug on a Monday morning...
the weekend excesses!
K13 said…
I'm not sure what's worse: what you ate or the 1/2 pan of brownies that I consumed on Saturday. I'm feeling the same way today especially since I did such a dumb thing as weighing myself this morning. Guess who's going back to WW on Friday!?!?!
Brian Miller said…
mmm...sounds like a good weekend to me. smiles.
Brenda said…
I had a weekend of drinking and eating bad food too. I've really got to get it together if I plan on starting P90X next week.
Christina said…
I seem to be a little hungry and in the mood for rum punch now.
JennAventures said…
ooo! You tipped the 100 follower scale...I'm inspired!

I ran a race this weekend and was in a 12 passenger van...I promise I ate worse than you.
Jingle said…
it seems like you are having fun!
Happy Tuesday!

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