As Promised....A Giveaway!!!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve launched my own line of handmade jewelry – Flamingo Tongue Designs
In order to get the word out about my new creative venture, I’m hosting my very first giveaway.   The winner will receive their choice of one of the following items (for details of each item, visit the website):
Blueberry Hill Necklace
Genuine Sea Glass Earrings - Amber and White

 New Jade and Tourmaline "Figure 8" Necklace

Cook Book - "Food to Dive For"
(compiled by yours truly and friends)

Here are the rules:
  1. You need to be a follower;
  2. You need to visit Flamingo Tongue Designs;
  3. Take a look around;
  4. Leave me a comment on this post as to which item is your favorite.
A winner will randomly be selected on Wednesday, June 2nd.   
As an added bonus, if anyone is interested in purchasing an item from Flamingo Tongue Designs, valued at $25.00 or more, you can use the following promo code at checkout and you will receive an extra 25% off your purchase:
Promo Code:    LCQ76B7L8F7
Good Luck.  Go now and tell your friends…


CrazyCris said…
I think I mentioned earlier my favourite piece of yours is the seahorse pendant necklace, but I think the Jade and Tourmaline necklace would come a close second, what with my fondness for green... ;o)

That and the "benefits" of the Figure 8 necklace are definitely something that would help me...
"help correct emotional imbalance and to enable you to feel more in control of your life. (...) said to have cleansing and detoxifying properties.(...) a joy for life. (...) It encourages patience and openness (...) The magical uses of this stone include the stimulation of creativity."

I'm still astonished at the lovely things you've been able to make! I've got the page bookmarked as an option for future gifting occasions...
CrazyCris said…
PS: let me know if you ever create something with a starfish motif, my cousin who just had a baby last summer has recently developped a fixation for them as she calls her little one her "sea star" ;o)
Brian Miller said…
kinda partial to the breen and silver art deco glass necklace...very nice stuff...that is awesome!
Simply Suthern said…
I personally like the Seahorse because it is so unique but not sure my wife would wear it. Aside from that the Carnelian Necklace and the Mookiate Necklace are very nice.
WOW! I am very impressed :) i have to say that I love the cookbook idea. I love to cook and a book that talks and describe fish/crustaceans or so on and how to cook them is wonderful. In the desert you don't get much practice with our watery friends ;D
Brenda said…
I think it's a tie between the seahorse necklace and the Jade one! They are both beautiful!!!
Sarah said…
You are great! Thanks for the email back! I will have to write you back again. It actually went ok so crisis averted I guess! Hope you are enjoying your day off! I have a day off next Monday for memorial day. Did I tell you we are having a garage sale this weekend? We might be nuts!
Miss Angie said…
Oh! You're new site is VERY Cool! I dig it! My favorite is the Blueberry Hill Necklace from the list above... However on the website I really like the Cats Eye Pendant... The marble thing is cool!
My favorite necklace is the Sea Glass Pendant - White with Heart Accent. I'm a new follower. Love your new site!
VandyJ said…
I'm a fiddler--I play with my hair, necklace, rings and bracelets, I think what you have would be great to fiddle with when I get nervous. My favorite was the Sea Glass Pendant - Sea Foam Green & White with Crab Accent, the crab is so cute!
Rachel said…
I'm attracted to all the green things! I love green!
Sarah said…
Ok so I am finally entering your giveaway! I am slow!

I love the Tear drop figure 8 necklace and earrings set the best! It is all pretty though!
Christina said…
Very nice! The Caged Marble Pendant is beautiful.

Flamingo Tongue - Love the name too!

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