Thursday Travel Tips...

“Know Before You Go…What the Guidebooks Won’t Tell You”

The facts presented here may or may not have been exaggerated, but they have been based on true life experiences – by me.  I should also point out that this is not a paid advertisement.
I should also point out that the opinions expressed here are my own and while I’ve poked fun at the experiences, they were truly unique and I enjoyed every moment of them. 
This week’s travel advisory/tip is brought to you by Ecuador and more particularly, the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest.
Things you should know:
  • Your bus driver/guide believes his bus is surrounded by an imaginary force-field and that he is invincible to oncoming traffic, ravines or pedestrians.  He will take great pride in getting you to your destination in record time, regardless of the cost or loss of life – including yours, his or anyone else that gets in his way.    In summary, they are bat shit crazy and will succeed in trying to scare the living shit out of you and no amount of swearing can convince them to slow down, drive on the correct side of the road or drive off the railroad tracks.
  • The tap water is not potable.  At most accommodations, you will be provided with a choice of “regular” or “bubbly” bottled water for use when brushing your teeth.  May I suggest you choose “regular”?  Turns out “bubbly” water is the equivalent of carbonated water and to my surprise - carbonated water and tooth paste do not mix.  Can you say foaming at the mouth?
  • Be cautious of drinking any form of yogurt based products while traveling to higher altitudes.   Turns out – yogurt drinks and higher altitudes will also make you foam at the mouth.  Who knew?  I do now.
  • The term “eco lodge” can be loosely translated to:   “no meat or animal products are served here” or “be sure to dispose of your toilet paper in the garbage can beside the toilet”.
  • At said “eco lodge”, beer is cheaper than Coca Cola, Pepsi, coffee or tea – a lot cheaper.  I’ve learned you can travel well within a modest budget and subsist for a week on little more than beer and popcorn.  In summary, if you don’t like beer or popcorn, you may die…of starvation.

Now you know...Happy Travels...


CrazyCris said…
the problem with non-bubbly water (and I hate the stuff with a passion!) is that you can't be 100% sure it wasn't just filled up in a tap... :s
(something we witnessed in mexico many years ago)

surviving on beer? ok, I'm on the strvation list! :p
Miss Angie said…
I want to go travel! But it never happens.... :sad face:
Sarah said…
Haha - those are funny. I think I would be terrified on the bus. I have this strange fear of buses anyway. I will ride in one but they scare me for some reason. Also, I am not a great flyer. Again, I will do it but it makes me nervous. Actually, come to think of it, I am scared of most forms of travel except car and even then, I prefer to be the one driving. It must be a control issue. All of your travel tips are giving me the travel bug! I want to get away! Thanks for the tips! :)
Brian Miller said…
so if you go to ecuador you will most likely foam at the mouth one way or
Jacqui said…
If the still water can't be trusted and fizzy water and toothpaste makes you look like a rabid dog, ...... maybe beer and toothpaste is an option?
JennAventures said…
I had the "toilet paper disposal in the garbage next to the toilet" in Greece. Gross. Equally gross was bars that ONLY had urinals. Ummm...hello!!!??

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