I'm Happy...

I told you it would happen and there’s no guarantee on how long it will last, but today I’m happy…

  • I’m happy that today is February 1st and that I’ve closed the door on January for another year.
  • I’m happy my boss is on holidays this week. Although this usually means more work for me, I’ll manage.
  • I’m happy that the “HR Nightmare” is gone for good. Yippee - skippy – hooray!! I still have her other team members to contend with, but without the Queen Bee, the hive is more useless useless, but I’ll manage.
  • I’m happy that my grandparents called me last night. My grandpa is 80 and grandma is 79, but they both (at the same time) just had to fill me in on what was going on with American Idol. They are so cute.
  • I’m happy that I’ve ordered the necessary materials to make this little item. I can hardly wait to receive the goods, so I can get started on my new career (ha).

  • I’m happy to report that the weight loss quest is less than satisfactory; however I’m toning what I have. So although I’m not losing “junk in my trunk”, my trunk is becoming firmer. You can’t bounce a coin off it yet, but I can actually now see a mole that I didn’t know existed. It's not a nasty mole, so I'm happy..

Have a Happy Monday!


Brian Miller said…
wow. you are having a happy monday! cool pic of the thing you are making. grandparents and american idol..lol, thats awesome.
Joshua said…
I'm happy that you are happy. I like it when blog friends are happy.

Congrats on closing January!
JennAventures said…
I like this, I need to start making I'm happy lists.

I too am happy January is OVER.
otin said…
My junk needs to be in the trunk! Right now it seems to be in the cargo bay! LOL!

Your grandparents need to call and fill me in on what's happening!
K13 said…
Ha! I love that your grandparents called to fill you in on AI. Awesome!!
Sarah said…
The mole - I literally laughed out loud! :)

Yeah in regards to the diapers vs college thing - we are thinking about that already. We haven't started saving yet but we are about to open an account for the boy because I know when he gets to college it is going to cost so much!

I like how you are turning some negatives into positives. It reminds me that I need to keep trying to see the positive - and it is good January is over because we are that much closer to spring and summer! Yay!

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