Dear Mother Nature....

How have you been doing? 
It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch and I note that you’ve been ignoring my Friend Request on Facebook; so one can only assumed that you are pissed at me. 
What could I have possibly done to make you so spiteful to my needs?  Are you still angry at me for calling you a bitch?  You should not take that one personally - I call everyone a bitch.  You should actually consider it a term of endearment.  *smiles*
In the interest of our ongoing friendship, may I suggest a truce?  Here’s what I propose – I won’t slander you or your work for the remainder of the month, if you just do me one solid favor.   
What’s the favor you may ask?  Well, I’m sort of in need of a “mental health day”, but because I don’t want to use any of my sick days because I like to save those for when I’m not actually sick (you know to screw around for the day in the warmer months) and I can’t possible use any of my holidays for things other than actual holidays.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  I need your help…
May I suggest that you use for skill for side of good (instead of evil) and work some of your lovely magic and provide me with a “snow day” for tomorrow, Friday, February 26th?  If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, can you get the party started around 4 o’clock in the morning? 
I know you won’t let me down… because friends like us are like diamonds – we’re forever.


JennAventures said…
Amen. Send this to Boston as well
Lorac said…
We have had plenty here lately. If I could I would send it to you! Good luck with the snow day!
Brian Miller said…
lol. so did you get your snow?
webruci said…
can you talk for me too?
You are fantastic!!!:)
Eddy said…

I'm afraid that Mother Nature thought we needed the snow over here more than you do there. It's been coming down for four days now. Well, at least for half of the day. When the afternoon rolls around, it switches over to light rain.

- Eddy
@JennAventures - Let me see what I can do for you.

@Lorac - I'm missing out on something. I've been praying for snow for a couple of weeks now.

@Brian - I'm still hoping MN comes through.

@Webruci - Do you need a day off too?

@Eddy - Mother Nature is NOT being my friend. I just want a damn day off and she is not listening to me.
Hope she helps out!!!

However I can't ask her for the same - I'm in Ghana and it's 34 degrees celcius... no chance of a snow day unless pigs start flying. Any suggestions for a tropical climate day off? :)

Holli in Ghana
Let me know how that works out for you. Maybe you should try doing a snow dance - run around the house shaking snow globes or something...
Sylvia said…
I surely hope she hears you. And me...
Robin said…
Hi I found you from Mama Zen..I love your blog exhilarating...Ahhh...!and peaceful..
Sarah said…
That is too funny. I agree and would also much like a snow day. The bad thing is, our work literally never closes, but we don't get in trouble if we don't show up on a bad snow day as we have some people that have been approved to work from home so we still have coverage, even if no one can make it!

I need the day off too but I am sure it won't happen. I've been getting sick and so has my kiddo. Oh well! Hope your day goes fast if you do work! :)
Dear Mother Nature: After you fulfill my friends request, can you pop over and ditto that for me.

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