Work vs. Travel vs. Lunch - Who Will Win??

I seem to be experiencing some form of ADD today. I’m not sure what’s going on with my brain, but I cannot focus on any work projects for more than ten minutes at a time and all I can think about is food and travel. I would love nothing more than to start surfing the Internet for travel deals, but then my thoughts quickly turn to lunch. Even though I’ve brought my lunch, I would love nothing more than to dump it in the trash and run out for something yummy. It’s a good thing my co-workers bring their lunch and don’t tempt me into skipping out for some tastier treats because it wouldn’t take much to break my resolve. I’m weak in the ways of food.

UGHH - now I can’t focus on work or travel plans. What is wrong with me? Perhaps I need a holiday – a little time to rejuvenate. Now, if I could only concentrate long enough to plan one. Yes, my priorities are messed up and my moral compass is off and I am well aware that I should be concentrating on earning a living so that I can afford those worldly indulgences, but days like today are hopeless. Tomorrow on the other hand is a brand new day and lunch hour is finally here.


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