Blood Suckers – No, not vampires or salespeople…(PART 1)

As I start to plan my 2010 trip to Borneo, I need to keep reminding myself that it will be a once in a lifetime adventure. After all, I will be traveling to one of the most bio-diverse exotic places on the planet, visiting remote locations and viewing wildlife that others can only dream off.

But as I begin to educate myself on the sites and wildlife of this wonderful place, I start to read about the “blood suckers of the jungle”. Not vampires, but leeches. Apparently these things are sensitive to heat and vibrations, so when you are trekking through the jungle, they will make their move and have be known to literally fling themselves in your direction looking for a meal. Ewww!

Supposedly, there is no cause for concern. I am to take comfort in the fact that they will first inject me with a local anesthetic, so I won’t actually feel them sucking the life force from any exposed piece of flesh. It should be noted that I will however bleed profusely once they are finished with me because they also inject an anti-coagulant into my wound. I shouldn’t be concerned though, I won’t actually loose enough blood to adversely affect my health and well-being; however the sight of my blood soaked clothing might be a bit more of a jolt than my emotional stability could otherwise normally handle. WTF…


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