Blood Suckers – Reduce the Risk…(PART 3)

There are a couple of ways to reduce the risk of being attacked by roaming hoards of hungry bloodsuckers.

The first would be my preference and would solve a world of problems – simply stay out of the jungle. I hear National Geographic has already been there, so I’m pretty sure I could find a wonderful series of DVDs that would allow me to experience everything I would have otherwise encountered by going myself – minus the actual bloodsuckers, festering wounds and traumatic memories.

I don’t suspect my husband would be overly keen on the idea of traveling half way around the world, only to sit in the comfort of our hotel room and watch the National Geographic series on Borneo (not even if it was in high definition), so my second choice is to purchase a pair of leech socks.

Leech socks are the perfect fashion accessory to any piece of jungle attire. Made from ultra tough quick drying poly-something which apparently deters the burrowing effect of the leech, they are meant to be worn over your normal socks, slipped into your boots and depending on your height, should cover anywhere from below your knee to mid thigh. Think of them as the leg warmers of the jungle – not only are the fashionable, but they are a necessity.

As for my arms, neck, nose, mouth, ears – I’ll need to keep moving, check myself often and keep my mouth shut. Wish me luck – it won’t be easy to keep my mouth shut when I’m swearing at my darling husband to get the little (rhymes with suckers) off of me!


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