Please Have your Passports Ready...

Always keep your passport up-to-date and your toiletry kit stocked, as you never know when the opportunity for adventure will present itself and you don’t want to be caught short with a lack of deodorant. My lust for travel is limited only by the absence of a money tree in my backyard and my moral sense of responsibility to ensure that my car is not repossessed or my house isn’t foreclosed on and my son has an post-secondary education in his future.

While I still contribute to an education fund for my son, it certainly isn’t worthy of funding a University education, so imagine my sense of relief that my child has realized he’s not academically motivated enough to attend medical school, but has instead opted for community college. Can you imagine the humiliation I would feel by having to explain to my son that he can’t go to medical school since we spent that money on our trip to Borneo? Seriously, with a confession like that, I wouldn’t win any parent of the year awards.

I wish for nothing more than having the ability to live consequence free – having the ability to pack my bag, jump on an airplane to a new destination and not worry about where my next meal will come from or when my next pay day is. I know people like that exist and I admire them and their carefree outlook on life.

My dad is one of those people. Since his divorce from my mother, he has not been in a long-term committed relationship, lived on his own or even had his own car. He has managed to live with friends or family and borrowing whatever transportation was available to him got him to where he needed to go. He has had a steady job, but getting rich certainly has not been part of his long term plan. As long as he has enough money to take the odd fishing excursion or to purchase some new fishing tackle, he is content with what life has passed his way. He is happy with what he has, which isn’t a lot, but you can rest assured that his passport is up-to-date and when the opportunity presents itself, he’s on the first mode of transportation out of Dullsville, whether it be a simple road-trip or the adventure of a lifetime, you can guarantee you’d have a traveling companion in him. Perhaps that’s where I’ve inherited my need for travel, adventure and constant change of scenery. I admire him and when I grow up, I want to be just like him - except maybe with a little more money in the bank.


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