Spring is in the Air...

The weekday has begun as it typically does. Four-thirty a.m., I reach up to close the window above my bed. The crack of dawn hasn’t even cracked yet, it’s still dark, but the birds haven’t seemed to have picked up on that and are busy singing a freakin tune to whoever might be listening. “Stupid birds, spring is an overrated season”, I mumble to myself as I settle back into the pillow.

Five-twenty a.m., alarm goes off. Fortunately, my husband’s swift movement has temporarily silenced the perky, caffeine-induced morning show hosts. The snooze button is a wonderful invention, although merely a band-aid solution intended to buy us ten more minutes before we have to drag our sorry butts out of bed. Actually, it’s only my sorry butt that requires dragging anywhere. My husband is a morning person (stupid man). It’s also a good thing he’s a morning person and has fearlessly taken on the task of getting my ass moving in the morning. Without him, I’d be unemployed. Without him however, I would be well-rested, able to sleep until noon!


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