31 July, 2009

Random Thoughts...

  • My boss is an ass. Until today, I thought he respected my opinion and certainly valued my ability to make comprehensive, well-informed decisions in his absence. Apparently, that is not the case and I am viewed as a moron that can’t possibly correctly interpret a clause in a contract without the assistance of someone else. Long story short, he is on holidays and in his absence, I’m typically “in charge” of answering any legal questions that may arise. Anyhow, I was copied on an e-mail chain, which I obviously shouldn’t have received, in which my boss sent to another individual in the company, stating “you may need to provide her (me) with your interpretation skills” (because she is too stupid to read the clause herself). That little e-mail has certainly made my “Should I Stay or Should I Go” decision a lot easier.
  • It’s a long weekend in Canada. Monday, August 3rd is the actual holiday. I think it is called Simcoe Day. While I don’t actually know what the “point” of the holiday is, I don’t really care either. It’s a long weekend and that’s all I need to know.
  • My husband and son are both home today and have plans to work together on building new steps for our front entrance. Sounds like a great father/son bonding experience right? Ummm – no. Not to be a cynic, but this is a recipe for disaster. My husband expects anyone working with him to have mind reading capabilities and while I’ve honed these skills over our many years together, my son has not. I am so thankful to be at work today – even if my boss is an ass.
  • In my region of southwestern Ontario, there have been 26 days of rain in the month of July. Does anyone how long it took Noah to build his arc? Just wondering if I should be making a trip to Home Depot this weekend…

  • I think I may have a thing for older men, as I have a crush on this man:

30 July, 2009


Photo: Shamelessly borrowed from Threadless.

NOTE: My bike is not missing, I just found this too funny not to share.

29 July, 2009

Surprisingly Premium...

Without the distraction of quality television programming during the summer months, I find myself paying closer attention to television commercials than I normally would. O.K. that’s a bit of a lie - truth be told, I’m a commercial and advertisement junkie.

I admittedly purchase items based solely on their advertising appeal or attractive packaging. For example, I’ve been converted by the Most Interesting Man in the World and now my beer of choice is Dos Equis.

Although my decision to purchase a MacBook was not at all based on the brilliance of the PC vs. Mac Guy commercials, I could see how one could be easily swayed to believe that if you own a Mac, iPhone or iPod, it comes complete with an interesting life, lots of friends and excitement too. Brilliant and disturbing at the same time…

I’ve been know to boycott items because I’ve disliked their advertising. For example, I refuse to purchase the Charmin brand of toilet paper. I find these commercials disturbing on so many levels. There is something wrong with dancing bears parading about, bending over and displaying the left over toilet paper remnants on their bottoms. I don’t care if point to this commercial is that the toilet paper is extra strong – it’s just wrong.

Recently, Wendy’s Hamburgers has been running a commercial for the new Asian Chicken Tenders and there is one line in the commercial that I find amusing…”Wendy’s Asian Chicken Tenders are “surprisingly premium” for fast food.” What is that? Translation: “Usually, our food is third rate, but we’ve decided to step up our game a little and now, the chicken contains real meat.”

“New improved taste” is another advertising slogan I don’t understand. Translation: “We realized it tasted like sawdust before, but now it tastes like sawdust with a hint of lemon.”

In my opinion, there is one advertising campaign that is so brilliant in its simplicity, it cannot go unmentioned and it was the idea of a 26 year old intern at the advertising agency. I hope this intern received a promotion.

Introducing – New Improved Diamond Shreddies:

Funny thing, while driving by one of these billboards one day, my co-worker actually turned and said to me “Gee, I wonder how different they are from the old ones.” I didn’t have the heart to say a word, but should have replied “Considering they are diamond shape, I suspect they are surprisingly premium.” And people think I'm gullible...

28 July, 2009

Travel Etiquette 101

When my blog was first started, it was done so with the intention of sharing some of my travel experiences, and perhaps some travel tips, hints, websites, etc. Since I haven’t been on a trip since February and my recent travel experiences have been limited to my daily commute, there hasn’t been a wealth of anything useful to share, except perhaps how to maneuver a roundabout.

Now that summer is upon us and the summer travel season is in full swing, I thought perhaps now is a good time to provide you with some travel etiquette tips. Today, I will feature airline travel tips.

The opinions expressed here are solely mine and the information provided here may or may not provide you with a better travel experience. Your personal satisfaction is not guaranteed and your travel experiences may vary, but I can guarantee that your fellow travelers will appreciate the effort. Well maybe not. Let me rephrase that – I will appreciate the effort.


  1. Check-in Counter – Be prepared. Not only is this a fine motto for the boy scouts, but it should be adopted by travelers too. Have your papers in order. When you are standing in the cue waiting to check in, make sure you have everything you need in your hand. Don’t wait until you’re at the check-in desk to root through your purse or carry-on for your passport, identification and tickets. Those behind you in line and the check-in attendants will appreciate your efficiency.
  2. Self Check-In. This tool is meant to streamline the check-in process, or at least that’s what the airlines want you to believe and perhaps it would be true if the majority of the people knew how to use them. If you aren’t technically efficient or aren’t good at reading and following simple instructions, I would recommend that you proceed to the “live” check-in counter, as the live attendants certainly appreciate the endorsement for their job security. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk an eye twitch and spike in high blood pressure – mostly mine.
  3. Weight Restrictions. I would like to introduce you to this wonderful gadget I’ve discovered to assist me with ensuring my baggage is not over-weight BEFORE my arrival at the airport - it’s called a bathroom scale and these can typically be found in most households and the best part of all, they are easy to use and while not 100% accurate, they will do the job. Believe me when I say, your fellow travelers do not need to see your unmentionables strewn across the airport concourse because you are forced to repack your baggage in the middle of the check-in line.
  4. Carry-On Baggage. Since when does a medium sized suitcase with rollers classify as a “carry-on” item? Note the words “carry-on”. If you can’t carry it, you shouldn’t be taking it on the plane with you; however if you do manage to get it on the plane, you will most likely have problems dragging it down the aisle behind you. Airplane aisles aren’t meant for people with hips – let alone people dragging, bumping and stumbling their way down the aisle. My recommendation – if you can’t pick it up to store it in the overhead compartments without the assistance of an airline attendant or passerby, you need to rethink the necessity of this item. From time to time, there is nothing wrong with asking a stranger for assistance, but self-sufficiency is very rewarding and also the key to a successful trip. Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers or you may be sorely disappointed.
  5. Put your seat back into the full and upright position. Please take a moment to consider those travelers that are sitting behind you when you decide to completely recline your seat. I understand the need to be comfortable while you take a nap, but considering you have never met the person sitting to your rear, I’m not sure they feel totally at ease your head resting in their lap. Also, as a reminder, there are those behind you that may wish to use their tray table or perhaps even use the facilities and your reclined position does not make this feasible.
  6. No Shoes, No Service, No Friends. Once again, I understand the need to be comfortable while we travel; however I beg of you to please leave your footwear in place. There are enough foreign smells to indulge travelers on an airplane, so the addition of your foot odor is not required.
  7. Watch your Fluid Intake. In order to alleviate travel-related, fatigue and headaches, you should considering staying well hydrated and drink lots of water; however the exception to this piece of advice would be those travelers with the window seat. Window seat travelers should only consider the intake of water once their headache has arrived and only the small amount required to swallow their Tylenol. When you give a window seat traveler a lot of liquids, you might as well be giving a 2 year old a Big Gulp – the two do not mix because sooner or later, they will need to visit the facilities…numerous times.
  8. Attendant Call Button. Unless you are traveling with small children or having a heart attack, I do not see the reason for a totally able bodied individual to use this feature. If there is something that you require so desperately that you can’t wait until a flight attendant happens your way, which will most likely be in a few short moments, get off your rear-end and go get it. Using this button just makes you look pathetically lazy and irritates those around you - besides a walk is good for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis and if you are lazy enough to use the call button feature, you need all the help you can get.
  9. Lavatories. Contrary to popular belief, these cramped and disgusting cubicles are not meant to be used as a change room or full-service bath. This is particularly problematic on long haul flights to or from sun destinations to winter weather destinations. I just don’t understand the overwhelming need to emerge from the airport in my bathing suit. There is nothing worse than the pilot announcing the plane will be landing shortly and then watching certain travelers make a run for the lavatories with armfuls of clothes in tow. Keep in mind, this is not the change room at Wal-Mart and there are actually people waiting in line that need to use the facilities. Hint: perhaps if you didn’t feel the need to bring that change of clothes, you wouldn’t require the roller suitcase you struggled getting on the plane in the first place.
  10. Traveling with Children. I understand the prejudiced faced by parents traveling with small children - I’ve been there. It’s not a pleasant feeling to be walking down the aisle with child in tow and watching the looks of sheer panic and horror on the faces around you. We’ve all been known to hold our breath, whisper a prayer and look quickly away, hoping the child will come to rest anywhere but in your immediate vicinity. It’s a very nerve racking experience, for both you and the parent. As a parent, I would recommend that you do everything in your power to make the experience a pleasant one – for both your child and those around you and whatever you do, try not to aggravate an already tense situation by allowing your child to expel their pent-up energy within the confines of the airplane. It may take a little more work on the parent’s part, but for your safety and that of their child child, do not allow your child to continuously kick or hang from the seat in front of you. Do not allow your child to constantly play peak-a-boo over the seat in front of you while eating spewing apple sauce or spaghettios. Do not allow your child to play with bubbles, balls or anything else that will make it into the personal space of others. My number one recommendation - do not allow your child to run up and down the aisle at random. Not only is this a remedy for disaster, but I know for a fact people take great personal pleasure in tripping small children…

I hope you have found something of use within. Remember, if you do your part, everyone traveling with you will benefit, but I will appreciate it the most.

If there is a specific topic or mode of travel you would like covered on a future segment of Travel Etiquette101, please feel free to contact me.

27 July, 2009

Too Much Information?

With the emergence of social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, why have we felt the need to over-share intimate details of our lives? Have we really become that self-absorbed that we feel the need to provide a play by play on what you are actually thinking at the moment (and not the thoughts that should be shared)?

I’m just as guilty as the next person for over-sharing from time to time. I have posted a thing or two that felt warranted at the time it was posted, but when a clearer head prevailed, I was slightly embarrassed by my comments. This is what I call a common sense filter and while mine might not function at 100% capacity all of the time, it does the job it should. I had assumed we all had one, but apparently I am wrong.

For example, my Facebook home page has become a bleak landscape of stuff I don’t really care about and to be honest, I am embarrassed to have every accepted these people as my “friends”. I’m a very open minded person and am certainly not easily shocked or by any means a prude, but after reading their comments day after day, I just feel awkward, exhausted and overwhelmed.

There are certain people that feel the need to consistently post comments full of explicit language with spelling mistakes, all without any point to their rants. If you plan on ranting, at least get the swear words right, otherwise you just appear desperate and uneducated. Others feel the need to share comments like “I just want to end my life” or “everyone would be better off without me, if I just left and never came back” or “I’m thinking about getting a boob job”.

If these posts are meant to be “cries for help”, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but in my opinion their cries are going unheard because the majority of their 1,000 plus Facebook “friends” are just as shallow and whiny as they are. It’s like watching a train wreck of “one-up manship”.

Then, there is other end of the “friend” spectrum - those exhibitionists that are constantly posting pictures of themselves in revealing outfits or compromising positions. Why don’t they just post “look at me, I have low self-esteem and need my 1,069 “friends” to comment on just how beautiful “I think” I am”?

Is it possible to “defriend” someone on Facebook without looking like a total tool - especially given that most of these individuals are actually related to me?

Admittedly, yes I’m sharing personal details of my life that would otherwise be unknown, as I’ve chosen blogging as my means of expression; however I do not feel the overwhelming urge to provide you with the intimate details of my love life, personal quarrels or personal demons. Perhaps if I did, things would be a little more interesting for you…

24 July, 2009

What is Life?

Life is a gift, accept it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is a mystery, unfold it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a struggle, face it.
Life is beauty, praise it.
Life is a puzzle, solve it.
Life is opportunity, take it.
Life is sorrowful, experience it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a goal, achieve it.
Life is a mission, fulfill it.

Author unknown

In loving memory of my Mom (1949-2007)

23 July, 2009

Lost & Found...

Sorry for the bulleted post, but I’m having difficulty forming complete thoughts today…

I am happy to report that my son has safely returned from his Alaskan vacation. He had a wonderful time, made a lot of new friends and brought home a ton of happy memories and a ton of laundry to go along with those memories…

Funny thing, he completely lost track of his days and didn’t realize his birthday had come and gone. It wasn’t until the next day that he clued in that he had gained a year. It makes me kind of sad that he didn’t miss us, but it does mean he was having a great time and wasn’t thinking about home. I guess that’s either the sign of a distracted boy or a true holiday…

Turns out, I worried for nothing, with the exception of one thing, he actually returned home with everything he left with - his passport, camera, wallet and even some money (shocking, I know).

The “exception” turns out to be his girlfriend. Although he didn’t physically “take” her along, he did “have” one before he left, but not when he returned. I don’t know all of the details, but somewhere along the Pacific Coast, a relationship was buried a sea. According to my 17 year old, the vacation gave him some “clarity on certain relationship issues” (yes he said that) and he came to the conclusion that she had treated him badly for the last 9 months and he realized there is so much more to life than her. It saddens me to know his heart may be hurting because she was his first love, but I am proud that he came to that conclusion on his own. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t disappointed and it took everything in my control to bite my tongue and not say “I told you so.”

I do need to have a chat with him about his break up methods. Efficiency was obviously his number one priority and once his mind was made up, he decided it was best not to drag it out any longer than possible. Needless to say in his 17 year old wisdom, he decided a phone call was in order as soon as the ship came into port. Yikes!

When I expressed my concern over the phone call, he didn’t realize I was concerned with the method and had assumed I was upset with the long distance charges and exclaimed “Don’t worry mom, it was a 30 second phone call. As soon as I told her, she hung up on me!” Efficient and cost aware – who knew?

22 July, 2009

The Horror! The Horror!

I should start by saying that I am not a vain person and I don’t spend a lot of time parading myself in front of the mirror; however I now feel the need to be a little more vigilant so that these things don’t sneak up on me…

I know what you are likely thinking and no, I did not discover a wrinkle – those have been around forever and in any event, I prefer to call them “experience creases”. Nor did I discover a new patch of gray hair – those too have been common knowledge for a few months now. If you care to read more about that traumatic event, you can click here.

This discovery is much worse than those that have come before. To my horror, while I was applying face cream this morning, I noticed I had company and like most house guests, this one was not welcomed either. A wart you say? No, that would have been welcomed compared to this…

I know it wasn’t there when I went to bed last night, so at some point during my “beauty” slumber, I was accosted by this unwelcome menace and now, I am feeling overwhelmed, violated and beside myself (literally - one just happens to be on top of the other).

I don’t care to know where it came from, but I need to know when it will be leaving and how can I expedite the process?

21 July, 2009

Visual Aid Post...

Today, I can completely relate to Chuck...

20 July, 2009


Expectations are imposed upon us at an early age and then reinforced throughout life, although I’ve learned that my expectations of myself and what is expected of me by others usually vary.

“Reexamine all that you have been told in school, or in church or in any book. Dismiss whatever insults your soul.” Walt Whitman

As a young girl, you are expected to act like a lady, listen to your parents, keep your room clean and get good grades. As you proceed through adolescence, the expectations shift only slightly – you are still expected to act like a lady, don’t disappoint your parents, keep your room clean, get goods grades, start thinking about a career and find a nice boy to take care of you in case all else fails. This pattern continues throughout adulthood. Now more than ever, you need to act like a lady, be on your best behavior at all times, refrain from speaking your mind, keep your house clean, look after your family (that is assuming you have found a nice boy to take care of you), exercise, network, etc. etc.

When you start looking for that nice boy, may I suggest you use a magnifying glass? This tool will assist you in finding any flaws in the merchandise. Keep in mind, this man will become and investment and you want to 100% sure that you are investing your time and energy into something that will show a return on your efforts. The “buy low, sell high” financial advice isn’t necessarily the best advice to follow in this type of scenario. If you choose to buy low, it is highly unlikely your investment will pay off. If you buy high, you will most likely find that you will have reached the pinnacle early and your returns will also be capped out early. It’s better to settle somewhere in the middle – somewhere where there is room for growth, but also room for decline before you have hit rock bottom.

“Treat a man as he is, he will remain so. Treat a man the way he can be and ought to be, and he will become as he can be and should be." Goethe

There will come a point in all relationships that you will look at your mate and think “What the hell happened?” or “Who is this person? I’m pretty sure I feel in love with him a one time. Where did that feeling go?”

When these feelings strike, you need to take a step back and assess the entire situation. Be sure to ask yourself – Are you the same person he fell in love with? Do you take as much time with your appearance as you once did? When was the last time you purchased sexy underwear? Am I just expecting too much or should I be expecting a little more?

Relationships are a lot like your job – it’s easier just to show up and expect to collect your paycheck, but if you expect to make employee of the month, you have to put some effort forth and kiss a little butt along the way.

We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.” Henry David Thoreau

17 July, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

I’ve discovered a new show that has quickly become a favorite of mine. I’ve never felt the need to seek out a particular show on television or set my PVR to record it in my absence (mainly because I don’t know how to work the television on my own); however this show has become the exception.

This program is guaranteed to make me laugh and sometimes cry and although I’ve only been watching it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve become an addict. The only possible explanation for my new found addiction is the resemblance of the cast members to my own family.

Yes, I'm in love with Orangutan Island on Animal Planet. What can I say?

My dad has told me more than once “there are still monkeys living in our family tree” and while I was always perplexed by the statement, I now understand what he meant, as I find there to be an inexplicable bond to these handsome creatures.

16 July, 2009

Excuse Me While I Ramble...

  • Today is my son’s 17th birthday. As he is on a boat somewhere along the Alaskan coast and a phone call is not feasible, I’ve tried to send him a text message and cannot figure out the damn alphabet on the phone pad – all I’ve been able to come up with is “Hisspy Bistry”. Perhaps a new phone with a complete keypad or an iPhone would solve my texting challenges.

  • On my drive into work this morning, I had to pass no fewer than 9 cars, a dump truck and a school bus. I had assumed that they must have thought it was Sunday given they were out for a leisurely drive in the country.

  • Where is summer? If you’ve seen it, I would appreciate it if you would send it my way. A generous reward is being offered for its safe return to my backyard. Canadian summers are short enough and without it, I’m becoming suspect of my mental stability.
  • I just grabbed a juice box from the refrigerator here at work (one of our perks) and I quite possibly look like the biggest moron on the planet while I’m sucking away on the tiny straw, which was obviously meant for a 3 year old. Note to self – not worth the effort.

  • I’m convinced Mr. Bean has taken a side job as an internal auditor in my company. Not only does he look like him, but the man hardly speaks and when he does, it’s a low mumble - exactly like Mr. Bean. If I see Teddy emerge, I’ll be sure to get his autograph.

15 July, 2009

100 Random Things About Me…50/50 Style (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1...in celebration of my 100th post (although this is now post #101), here is the rest of the list (riveting I know).
  1. In the last ten years, I have had six different jobs - thus, the need to keep busy.
  2. If I won the lottery, I would start my own travel consulting business or perhaps an all female construction company.
  3. I love thunderstorms.
  4. I have two tattoos and would like to get another one.
  5. I believe in speaking my mind, but also know when to keep my mouth shut.
  6. I am an Aries.
  7. I do not like Star Trek or Star Wars, but they are my husband’s favorite movies.
  8. I would be perfectly happy not owning a television, but could not live without my iPOD.
  9. I wish I could afford to only work 3 days a week and volunteer for 2.
  10. I spend more time complaining about my treadmill than I do actually using it.
  11. I love to read, but never seem to find the time.
  12. I’ve never been overly concerned with my weight, but can’t stand the size of my butt.
  13. I have written a children's book and haven’t told my friends or family.
  14. I love to cook for friends.
  15. I wish I’d stayed in touch with friends from high school and college.
  16. I love to sunbathe topless, but don’t often get the chance.
  17. I don’t always feel appreciated by my family or friends.
  18. My favorite color is blue.
  19. I like the fact that I have red hair.
  20. One of my dream vacations would be participating in a cattle roundup – just like in City Slickers.
  21. I don’t have the patience for scrapbooking, but like the concept.
  22. I am bothered by people that don’t stand up for what they believe in.
  23. I don’t like to be late for anything and don’t like to be kept waiting either.
  24. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
  25. It bothers me when people don’t respond to e-mails or voicemail.
  26. I don’t like clutter. I wish my closets and basement were better organized.
  27. I love to travel – road trips, camping trips, scuba vacations. You name it, I’m there.
  28. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  29. My favorite job was waitressing.
  30. I will not swim in public pools. Having learned to scuba dive in one and seeing what’s down there - Gross!
  31. I cannot stand American Idol.
  32. I would like to learn how to downhill ski. Never mind, I hate winter.
  33. I don’t get stressed easily, but have difficulties in exercising patience with the commissioned sales people that I work with.
  34. I doubt I will ever go on a cruise.
  35. I don’t understand disorganized people and am easily frustrated by them.
  36. I become miserable when I’m hungry.
  37. I love taking travel videos, but never do anything with them.
  38. French fries and gravy are my favorite comfort food.
  39. I’m allergic to horseradish, but still eat it in seafood sauce.
  40. My favorite sitcoms were Seinfeld, Friends and Will & Grace.
  41. I snore - loudly.
  42. I don’t like airplane landings and it especially bugs me when people clap when the plane has just touched down. What is the point of this when the plane is still hurtling down the runway?
  43. My first car was a baby blue Maverick with brown interior.
  44. I am bothered by all the negative over-sensationalized news reports.
  45. I don’t like horror movies.
  46. I dislike rude people and want to confront them when I witness blatant rudeness – especially to those people in the service industries.
  47. I love to my perennial and vegetable gardens, but don’t like to weed them.
  48. I like to renovate, build things and use power tools.
  49. I consider myself well-rounded, well-read and well-traveled.
  50. I believe in honesty – especially to myself.

100 Random Things About Me…50/50 Style (Part 1)

As today marks a monumental occasion – my 100th Blog Post, I’ve decided to commemorate it, by composing “the list” that I have seen posted on so many other blogs. As daunting as it was at first, it was a good exercise to reflect upon my life – as dysfunctional as it may be.

If you don’t care to know anymore about me than you already do, I would suggest that you hit the “back” button now, otherwise consider yourself forewarned…

  1. I love to take long afternoon naps.
  2. My drink of choice would be margaritas, but I’m too lazy to make them, so I settle for beer.
  3. I have never thrown up.
  4. I dislike mushrooms and olives.
  5. I am terrified of frogs and toads.
  6. My favorite place to eat breakfast is Denny’s.
  7. The first concert I went to was Cyndi Lauper.
  8. The best concert I went to was Meat Loaf.
  9. I set my watch 5 minutes fast.
  10. I do 80% of my Christmas shopping online.
  11. I do not like winter.
  12. I played hockey when I was younger and wish I still did.
  13. I commute 180 km/112 miles round-trip per day.
  14. My favorite food is Chicken Pad Thai.
  15. I don’t like to bake, but love to cook.
  16. I want to be an actress or marine biologist when I grow up, but I settle for a millionaire.
  17. I would love to sell everything I own and move to a Caribbean island tomorrow.
  18. I love to go fishing, but don’t.
  19. I collect washed-up beach glass.
  20. I swear way too much.
  21. My husband is my high school sweetheart.
  22. I’ve been through 3 separate tornadoes and did not suffer any personal damage.
  23. I would love to try storm chasing in tornado alley.
  24. I am mathematically challenged.
  25. I’m an only child.
  26. I once shot a neighborhood kid in the bum with a pellet gun.
  27. I stopped biting my fingernails 7 months ago after doing it for my entire life.
  28. I can use both my right and left hand when playing sports. I guess that would make me ambidextrious?
  29. I am spontaneous, but also like to plan ahead.
  30. I grew up on a farm and can drive almost any type of farm machinery. I also know how to catch chickens, pick tobacco and pick strawberries.
  31. I have never broken a bone.
  32. I have never read the Harry Potter or Twilight books and don’t know if I intend to.
  33. I love shoes – running shoes – Sketchers actually.
  34. I have my hunting license, but have never used it. I guess it goes without saying, that I know how to use a gun too, but not obviously well considering the outcome in #26 above.
  35. My bedtime during the week is 9:00 p.m. Did I mention, I love to sleep?
  36. I think I would make an excellent poker player, if only I knew how to play.
  37. I wish I had more close girlfriends.
  38. I would love to train for a triathlon, but know I wouldn’t actually commit the time to do so.
  39. I wish I had more time to myself, but also wish I had more time to spend with my family.
  40. I have numerous pet peeves and they change daily.
  41. I don’t usually drive the speed limit and don’t have patience for people who do.
  42. I would love to become fluent in Spanish.
  43. I usually have my vacations planned at least 2 years in advance.
  44. I think I spend more time on the Internet and e-mail during the day than I actually do working.
  45. I don’t sweat the small stuff in life. I guess I don’t really sweat the bigger things either - things just have a way of sorting themselves out.
  46. My travel toiletry kit is always packed.
  47. I am comfortable with who I am, but I’m not yet satisfied with what I’ve done with my life.
  48. I would like to adopt a child.
  49. I strongly dislike grocery shopping.
  50. I need to keep busy at work or I become bored and restless.

14 July, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“This indecision's bugging me…” (excerpt from the lyrics from 1981 hit from the Clash)

Hmmm…my horoscope for today is right on the money:

“Working on an elusive answer to a complicated question? Don't give up, it looks like you'll find it pretty soon. You may have even passed over it a couple of times.”

A few months ago, I was approached, out of the blue by on old acquaintance that has asked me to join his legal team. I was able to postpone a commitment to him at that time by simply telling him I was interested at the moment, but who knows where I would be in 6 months time. Boy, does time fly as six months is now upon me and I received the phone call from him again. I’m a firm believer that you should not close a door or burn any bridges, so I agreed to meet him to see what he had to offer.

Stupid me…I’m now faced with a decision – should I stay or should I go? Although, I’m not totally miserable where I currently am, I’m not totally happy either.

Pros of Going:

More Responsibility. Right now, I’m not much more than a glorified babysitter. I shouldn’t complain – I’m paid fairly well, but it bugs me to no end that I have to repeat the same things to the same people two and three times a day and have been doing so for over a year now. If I wanted the responsibility of more children, I would adopt them.

More Work. I cannot stand to be bored. I need to be busy. I don’t need drama, but I need excitement and this place isn’t doing it for me. Currently, my days are filled with reading e-books and blogs. I know, life is tough and most people would relish in the fact that they are paid well to twiddle their thumbs. I am not one of those people. I am living proof of the saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. When not challenged with daily tasks, I become self-destructive. Once I have time to focus on my co-workers faults, they are doomed. I will manage to find fault in every one of the people around me - anything from the sound they make when they drink their coffee, to how much noise they make when typing on the keyboard or it could simply be because it’s the second Tuesday of the month.

Closer to Home. I could spare myself over one hour of commuting time each day. That’s 5 extra hours per week or 245 hours a year (10 extra days) or if I look at it in a monetary sense, I could be saving approximately an extra $30 per week in gas money or $1,470 per year. OMG – that’s enough time and money for another vacation!

An Office: I might get an office. You know those things – a room with a door! Although, I certainly will miss my life in the cubicle, stationed outside of the men’s washroom. Good times!

Opportunity for Advancement: I’m not going anywhere here – except out to lunch, so any opportunity for advancement shouldn’t be passed up lightly.

Cons of Going:

My Boss: I like my current boss a lot. He is a mentor, provides respect and is guaranteed to have my back should the need arise. I know I’m replaceable – everyone is, but I would hate to see my departure as an inconvenience to him.

Work Environment: I would be going from a cutting edge publicly traded software technology firm to a privately owned medical/pharmaceutical company. Instead of working with World of Warcraft nerds, I’d be working with Doctors and medical engineers. Hmmm – I think Doctors and medical engineers may be more socially evolved than the WOW fanatics, but not likely by much.

Dress Code: The new place doesn’t understand the concept of business casual – even on Fridays. I would have to “suit up” every day, which means I would have to go shopping for a new wardrobe. So much for my gasoline savings…

More Work: What if I have too much work? What will happen if work gets in the way of my life?

The Neutral

Job Security: Both companies offer the same amount of job security and recession survivability. There will always be a need for medical/pharmaceuticals and contrary to popular belief, the internet isn't a passing trend, so it's a win win.

Show Me the Money: Although exact $$ have not been discussed, I suspect I will be offered the same amount I am currently earning. Obviously, if they are stupid enough to come to the table with anything less than that and especially when they approached me, the decision will be an easy one. Similarly, if they show up with a boat load more, the decision would also be a lot easier to make, but I don’t suspect that will happen, so my dilemma continues.

This is the first time in my life that the answer isn’t crystal clear to me. Although I’m ultimately the one in control of my destiny, I should mention that I my career moral compass doesn’t always function properly, so I’m fearful that I may be making a move which could turn out to be the “worst one of all”.