Random Tuesday Thoughts

I work with scrooges. Three of the women (yes women) in my immediate vicinity have done nothing but flaunt the fact that they are NOT putting up a Christmas Tree this year and essentially are NOT celebrating the holiday season and it has nothing to do with religious beliefs. I can totally understand not being festive, but is it really necessary to be so verbal about it. I say “shut the hell up and let me be merry damnit!”

The dipstick HR Assistant on the other side of my cube wall has something contagious. She has been coughing (without covering her mouth) for the past 5 days. It would be nice if it was laryngitis and she couldn’t talk at all. Not to be mean, but when she tries to talk she starts to cough even more which results in more germs being spewed about my vicinity. She doesn’t blow her nose either – Ugghhh!

I’m totally done my shopping and the presents are wrapped; however I have a sense that I’ll be returning a number of them. I just wasn’t “feeling” the gifts this year, so I may have “settled” just to get the job done. I did attempt to put some thought behind what was being purchased, but in all fairness to myself - I outdid myself last year with great gifts and as a result, this year I had nothing left to offer, except duds. I’m okay with that…it’s the thought that counts.

My MIL has finally decided on the Holiday Menu. We will be having turkey with all the trimmings and roast duck. Why we need a duck is beyond me, but apparently the redneck brother-in-law insisted on “providing” for his family and as a result, he is bringing the roast duck, which shall now be named Daffy Duck. As a matter of principle, I will not eating anything that has been named (or shot by the brother-in-law).

Oh, I almost forgot – the Olympic Torch is being “carried” through my town today and I’m not there to see it because I have to work. *boo, hiss* The Olympic host country is responsible for carrying the torch to its final destination, where it will light the Olympic flame at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. As you know, the 2010 Winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is approximately 2,850 miles from where the torch is now. Provided, the polar bears aren’t problematic, it should get there in time.

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I am Harriet said…
I hate when people that close to me are coughing especially with the H1N1 going around.

Have a great day!
You should leave an anonymous copy of the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of diseases. How rude of her to even be there!

You should walk in with a face mask tomorrow and tell her why :)

Have a good day!
Joshua said…
We are not really allowed to decorate that much at work, which is fine by me. I don't mind decorating the house, but I'm distracted enough at work; decorations would only make it worse.

Mama Zen said…
I wasn't really feeling my Christmas presents this year, either. The selection seemed kind of lousy.
Brian Miller said…
have to pick up my last present today...

maybe if you started wearing one of those medical masks she would get the idea...smiles.
WrightStuff said…
You need to sort out those scrooges - perhaps you could tie them to their chairs with tinsel or just keep reading bad cracker jokes until they smile...
Tony nile life said…
Do your workmates know you love them so much and blog about them.
all my neighbors do. all they said was please fill in the ladies faces in case some one does bad things with them ??? what! like put it on a donkeys arse. the donkeys fair play are much prettier even the rear end.

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