Drunken Snowman...

My holiday spirit has been found. Who knew it could come in the form of watermelon liquor? Don’t judge me on where I found it – just appreciate that it’s here…

Anyhow, I found this excellent idea to brighten up the Christmas season or in my case the holiday party I will be attending this upcoming weekend.

“We're always looking for that little something extra for our holiday parties, and we've stumbled upon this recipe for creating a drunken watermelon snowman that would do Frosty proud, being the legendary drunk he was. And you'll never convince us he wasn't a drunk, because A) he was a jolly happy soul, B) he danced like an idiot, and C) we've had eyes like lumps of coal when we were hung over too. Our theory is he went down to the village with that broomstick in his hand to try to find a college bar and get the kids to limbo or something.”

Excerpt and Photo Courtesy of Liquor Snob

In case, you are looking to make one for yourself here are the instructions and recipe.

The Drunken Snowman

1. Using one round seedless watermelon and two personal sized watermelons (one larger and one smaller), cut a 1/4 inch slice off the bottom of each melon to provide a stable base. Use the smallest melon for the head, the next largest for the torso and the largest for the lower body. Set aside the smallest watermelon.

2. Cut the tops off of the large and medium watermelons, as shown, to create bowls. Scoop out flesh, using an ice cream scoop or large spoon.

3. Taking the smallest watermelon that has not yet been cut, scoop out eyes using a melon baller. Invert melon balls and reinsert.

4. Using a mini melon baller or a paring knife, scoop out holes for the nose and mouth. Carve a piece of watermelon into a triangle for the nose, and fill mouth holes with blueberries.

5. Connect all three watermelons on a platter, using large wooden skewers.

6. Insert y-shaped sticks into middle watermelon for arms.

7. Fill bottom sections with fruit salad of melon balls and blueberries. Pour 1/4 bottle of vodka and 3 oz Marie Brizard watermelon liqueur. Decorate with scarf and hat.

Easy Watermelon Carving Tips
Have the whole watermelon at room temperature when you carve. The cuts will be easier to make when the watermelon is not cold. You can chill the watermelon in the refrigerator after cutting and before serving. Cut a small, thin, flat piece from the bottom of the watermelon before carving. This will make a flat base, making the watermelon more stable when carving.

Draw the design on the watermelon rind with a fine/medium point waterproof marker or a sharp pencil before you cut. After you've drawn the design on the rind, insert toothpicks in key places to use as guides for your cuts.

For better grip and to help protect your hands, use a fresh, new thick pair of gardening gloves with gripper palms. Choose a flat working surface on a solid base.

Use a sharp knife with a pointed tip - the sharper the knife, the easier and cleaner the cuts will be. Be careful! Consider using a channel knife for certain cuts and to hollow out larger areas.
(National Watermelon Promotion Board/CocktailTimes.com


Brian Miller said…
how cool!

and jack frost...taking a nip at your nose...yep, he was into the drunkem snowman too.
This may sound very bad but in HS I remember people used to make something similar for parties :) Sounds like fun, I am going to have to do that next year but I think I am finally done with the parties for the season! At least I am not planning to attend many more!
JW.BW said…
This is a great idea. Definitely on the list for next year@!!!
M.J. said…
Uhhhh...can I please just get a nice shot of Jameson, neat. I'm a true boozer...keep your watermelon balls away from my vice! Hahaha!
Rebecca S. said…
My husband still talks about the drunken watermelons he and his roomates used to make! I'll be sure to show him this one.

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