Independence Comes With 4WD...

With The Boy starting his summer job and J and I working in opposite directions from said summer job, logistically, we could no longer continue with only 2 vehicles in a household with 2.5 adults and the determination was made, that The Boy needed his own vehicle.

For the past month, we have been diligently scouring the countryside for a good, used vehicle for The Boy and one he could afford. We searched dozens of car lots, but the pickings were slim in his price range, but we persevered and found this little beauty (similar, but not actual vehicle, just a photo borrowed from the Internet)

It’s a Chevy Tracker, full loaded.

When we picked it up last night, it was all shiny and newish-looking. What we saw this morning when we emerged from the house, was not so new looking, but rather was slightly covered in mud.

What did The Boy have to say about its new found grunginess?

"4WD. It’s unbelievable.”



Well at least no more stale farts for you :)
R. Jacob said…
boys will be boys

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