Finally, I Know Where I’m Going…

Well, maybe I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but I now have a better sense on where I might want to go when I get there.

What am I talking about? Well, as we start the investigation process on our relocation plan, we’ve been reading about places and points of interest throughout Ecuador. We know, we want to live on the coast, but we’re not sure where exactly, so to help orient us, I purchased a map of Ecuador.
Before you think it - yes, I’m well aware, you can simply use Google Maps to find the location of pretty much anywhere in the world, but I’m an old fashioned sort of person. I like maps – physical, hold them in your hands, type of maps.

And of course, no trip to the virtual bookstore, would be complete without purchasing some books. After all, if you spend $25 or more, shipping is free! So, in order to complete the South American experience, I purchased a couple of “Learn to Speak Spanish” books.

I’m pretty good at ordering food and drink in Spanish, but I’m not so great at actually holding a conversation, so I’m hoping these will help me with some of the basics. Once I feel a little more comfortable, I’ll likely invest in Rosetta Stone, but until then…picture books it is.



Brian Miller said… progress...and def use your time well between here and there to learn some key phrases...
I'm with you on the map thing. I have maps and people always look at me as if I'm crazy. I say they're crazy for listening to the little voice that controls them from the dashboard ;) My car knows who's in charge!

Spanish is easy! (says the native Spanish-speaker) Once you get it down you'll see that it's a fun language too. So many double entendre's that you can't do in English :)
CrazyCris said…
I like physical maps too... but guide books even more! :p
Although I will admit to loving Google maps when I need to quickly look something up. ;o)

And Spanish is definitely the easiest of the 6 languages I have studied at some point! Make that 7, I forgot about Latin. When you get to the point you want to try talking we could set up Skype dates! :D

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