Things I Think About on a Friday Afternoon...

Is it 5:00 yet?

How much longer until I can go home?

It’s 3:35 and I really don’t want to start anything new.

Gosh, this afternoon is dragging.

I really don’t want to cook supper tonight.

I’m hungry.

Maybe I should get a snack.

If I wander to the vending machine, I could kill about 10 minutes.

I’m tired.

I need a nap.

I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Maybe I should write a blog entry.

No one reads blogs on Fridays.

Still hungry.

Too lazy to wander to the vending machine.

Gosh, this afternoon is really dragging.

Why the hell is it dragging?

Is it 5:00 yet???

Ahh, hell it's only 3:37.

That’s it, I’m getting a snack.

Happy Friday!!


Brian Miller said…
haha...hope you get something good for snack...smiles....have a great weekend as well...
Sarah said…
I read blogs on Friday! In fact, I get bored with no blogs to read over the weekend! I always love yours! Hope you have a good weekend!
R. Jacob said…
I always read, everyday...

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