27 July, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...Zombie Fruit Flies, Internal Organs and Idiot Co-Workers

My work computer decided to through a hissy fit yesterday and decided not to work (hmmm, kinda sounds like me).  Anyhow it ended up that the hard drive was fried and with that, I lost a few important spreadsheets that I had been working on.  Normally I wouldn’t care and would just recreate them to give me something to do, but I’m leaving for holidays tomorrow, so the time crunch is on.  I’m not too worried because when holidays are on the line and I want to, I can work like a maniac.
The pissy thing about losing data from my computer – I had just purchased a new e-book and hadn’t yet read it.  I’m hoping I can re-download it without additional charge.
Oh and another pissy thing - my font size can only be read with a microscope and I cannot figure out how to change it...
One of my cube dwelling neighbors moved desks yesterday – she was the one that was constantly on speaker phone, so she will not be missed.  Ahhh, it’s so quiet.
Another one of my off-balanced co-workers insists that fruit flies keep biting her.  I tried to explain that fruit flies eat fruit – not human flesh (those bugs would be called mosquitos or fleas), but she’s just not grasping the concept that zombiefied fruit flies do not exist…at least not in Canada.
Any idea what internal organ is on the frontal right hand side of the body?  J has been having pain there and he doesn’t want to bother with the Dr. before holidays, so let’s hope nothing decides to rupture in the Arizona backcountry or I’m going to be telling him “I told you so”.
Okay, I better get back to work.  I’ve got a lot of stuff to get done before lunch…and holidays.

Now, go visit The Un-Mom and random up...

24 July, 2010

I Just Need to Say...

Sewing sucks ass...

I'm a fairly creative person, but not when it comes to sewing.  I have spent all day attempting to make a carrying case for a tripod - J's stupid tripod.  It would of been a hell of a lot more economical just to buy one, especially when it comes to my sanity.

If something could go wrong, it did - broken needles, broken thread, tangled thread, etc. etc.  I can't even manage to wind a bobbin, so I don't know why I even bothered to attempt this project.  I guess I like a challenge - stupid me.

I don't know if J likes it and I don't really care.  It's done and so am I.

21 July, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Hunk A Hunk Burning Spud...

20 July, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...Winning, Losing and Complaining....

It’s seems like forever since I’ve been random or at least participated in RTT.   So, without further adieu, let’s get cracka a lackin…Hop over and visit The Un Mom, who loves to host this AWESOME event...
We took The Boy to the horse races for his 18th birthday celebrations.  It was his choice, so don’t judge me.  I forgot how much fun the races were – especially when you are winning!  When all was said and done, J and I (really it was just me) won about $60.  The Boy and his buddy had a great time, but lost about $40.  Regardless of winning or losing, the memories we made were priceless.
In about a week, J and I are off to Sedona, AZ for a week of hiking and photo taking (by J).  Yes, you heard me right HIKING.   Did I mention that fact that I don’t like to exert myself?  Whose bright idea was this?   Wait…maybe it was mine.   I’m the one that suggested Sedona, but my thoughts were of shopping, sightseeing and more shopping.  It was J that decided we should see some backcountry.  WTH?  How did he manage to become so confused?
There was no way in hell, I was leaving my fate to J when it comes to picking hiking trails, so I ordered a book on hiking trails in the Sedona area.  The book I chose - “Best Easy Day Hikes” (with an emphasis on EASY).   Woot!  With a title like that, I should have it made.  
I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I've (Flamingo Tongue Designs)  been selected as an exhibitor in a regional Christmas craft show.  It’s kind of a big deal to be chosen considering the artist guild running the show are a pretty close knit bunch and rarely let in outsiders.  Now, I need to kick my jewelry making sweatshop into high gear to make sure I’m ready in time with lots of inventory.
Work is still boring as ever.  I’ve even lost the energy to make fun of my co-workers.  Help me!

17 July, 2010

We're Off to the Races....

Literally – as part of my son’s 18th birthday celebrations, he has asked to be taken to the horse races and being the obliging parents that we are, we’ve agreed to indulge his whim.  
Horse racing runs in my family.  I had an uncle that was a jockey, another that was a trainer and a third that was a world class farrier and many more family members that are well versed at shoveling (bull)shit.  
Technically, The Boy is now legal age to place bets and with that he firmly believes that the “ponies” are a sure fire way to win him some money.  *insert eye roll here*   Don’t worry, we have also supplied him with the parental lecture about responsible gambling (if there is such a thing).  He's actually been studying up on how to read the program, stats and placing bets.  I'm shocked since studying is not something he has ever willingly participated in.
It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we are guaranteed to have a fun.

16 July, 2010

He's Still My Baby...

Today is my son’s 18th birthday.  How the hell did that happen so quickly?  It can’t possibly be true, but sadly it is – I’ve double checked the calendar.  Eighteen years ago today, I gave birth to a 7 lbs 7 oz, 19 inch baby boy.  He’s not so little anymore, but still as adorable…
Here is a brief conversation from this morning:
Me:   Happy Birthday.
The Boy:  Thanks.
Me:   So, what are you going to do today? 
The Boy:   Go back to bed.
Me:   Is there anything special you are planning to do to celebrate turning 18?
The Boy:  I’m going to buy a lottery ticket and a girly magazine.  Can I have 20 bucks?
Me:  *snort* (as I begin to laugh hysterically).  Have fun with that.
The Boy:  Yep
(at this point J chimes in)
J:   I suggest Playboy.  Ummm, I hear they have great articles.
The Boy:  Okay, but I’m not sure that’s what they’re known for.
What more is there to say?  I love my dysfunctional family.

15 July, 2010

A Featured Piece...

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of my pendants had been selected as a "feature photo" by Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors website.

 "He Loves Me Not"...Flamingo Tongue Designs

14 July, 2010

Twiddling My Thumbs...

I’m not even sure what a “twiddle” is, but I think I’m doing it or I could be diddle-farting.  Diddle-farting seems more appropriate to what I’m actually doing, which is nothing except trying to look busy and fly under the radar.
Last week was crazy busy and today – nothing.  Ughhh…
So with that said, here is my to-do list for today:
  • Look for some cheap flights to somewhere - anywhere that’s warm in November (and cheap) will do nicely.
  • Update my resume.  My recent job prospect is asking for an updated resume.  Do you think I should list my accomplishments of reading e-books at work or my mad skills at time wasting skills.
  • Take an extra long lunch – maybe go the bookstore or mall.
  • Do some online shopping.
  • Organize my paper clips.  The “ribbed” ones need to be removed…I don’t like the way they leave marks on my paper.
  • Clean up the dust bunnies from behind my monitor.
  • Read some more of my e-book.
  • Bother everyone in my general vicinity.
As you can see, I have a busy day ahead, so I better get at it…wish me luck.

12 July, 2010

Love is Like a Good Bra...

I love being near water – any body of water will do.  There’s something therapeutic about watching the waves roll in and out and the sound of the surf that brings inner peace – at least to me.  Not that my life is full of turmoil, but a day at the beach is guaranteed to bring me calm.
We are fortunate to have one of the Great Lakes (Lake Erie) within 20 minutes of our house, so every chance we get in the summer, we head to the beach.   We are also fortunate enough to know where the secluded beaches are and it’s these secret beaches that allow me access to literally miles of unspoiled beachfront.  It also helps that they are part of a biosphere reserve.
On Saturday, J and I left home early and arrived at the beach by 8:00.  We proceed to walk along the beach for the 4 hours – 2 hours in one direction and 2 hours back.   J would wander here and there, photographing this and that.  I would stroll in and out of the surf, bending down to hunt for treasures – rocks, shells, beach glass.
Although we were together, we were alone with our own thoughts and barely a word was spoken.  It was nice.   It was comfortable.  It was the way any relationship and a good bra is meant to be – supportive, yet non-intrusive.

09 July, 2010

A Repost..."Life's A Beach, If You Can Manage to Keep Sand Out of Your Crack..."

This is a re-post from last summer.  Since I haven't had time to be creative, I'm recycling.  Rest Assured, it still applies...

I’ve been thinking about going to the beach this weekend. Ahhh the beach – warm sun, warm water, fresh air and sand…lots and lots of sand.

If it weren’t for the sand, the beach could almost replace Walt Disney World as the happiest place on earth; however the sand that encompasses the shoreline of the lakes, oceans and rivers and makes up the thing known as the “Beach” is unbearable to me. I strongly dislike sand. I particularly dislike the feeling of dried-on sand between my toes. You know what I mean – after you’ve been swimming and need to walk across the sand to your beach towel (Water + Sand = Crusty Toes). Ughhh…

When I was much lighter younger, I was successfully able to charm my then boyfriend (now husband) into sweeping me off of my feet and carrying to my awaiting throne beach towel without so much as a grain of sand touching my tootsies. Now realistically, I am well aware that a hormonal teenage boy would do just about anything with the thought of getting laid being at the forefront of his mind and with that thought driving his every move, he would have moved mountains; however I prefer to think he was selfless and chivalrous.

Fast forward to present and my husband would simply snort and leave me standing ankle deep in the water while he strolls away – leaving me to contemplate whether the mad dash or the hurried hop would be the most effective method of crossing “no man’s land” and reaching safety – all while minimizing the collateral damage to my feet.

Regardless of my choice, it will be a loosing battle because at the end of the day, I’ll be left wondering where the hell all the sand came from and no matter how long I shower, scrubbing every crack and crevice, you can guarantee that when I crawl into bed tonight, I will feel it – that one grain of sand grating across the sheets. It’s just like the fairytale The Princess and the Pea – I know something is there and it’s irritating me to the core.

08 July, 2010


As you may have noticed (probably not, but I like to think you did) – I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I don’t have any valid excuses lined up, except for…the Internet Nazis are still roaming free, I have nothing meaningful to say and I’ve actually had to do REAL work! 
I know!  WTH?  Seriously, I’ve actually been working and EARNING my pay check for once.   On one hand it’s been nice, but on the other – my personal blog is suffering, as is twitter, facebook, etsy, my website, etc. etc.  By the time I get home at night my brain is fried and I’m too tired to write or create anything. 
I’ll be back soon, I promise or however you choose to look at it - that might be a threat…
Have a great day!

05 July, 2010

Unless You Have Today as a Holiday....Mondays DO NOT Rock...

Monday – the first day of a new work week.  I try to look at it as a new beginning, but that usually doesn’t last too long…usually until the alarm goes off…
Monday – the day that is the hardest to get out of bed in the morning.  It’s a good thing J is in charge of the alarm clock or I’d never get out of bed on Monday…or any other day for that matter.
Monday – the day when the simple task of making my lunch turns into a gigantic chore.  Although I purchased groceries on Sunday, Monday is a day when nothing appeals to my appetite and I just usually end up packing Mr. Noodles.
Monday – the day I ALWAYS end up needing to stop for gas.  I detest stopping for gas.  You would think I could just take the time on Sunday and avoid the Monday morning gas fiasco, but alas…I don’t.  I will NEVER learn…
Monday – the day I spend most of the day trying to clear the fog from my “weekend brain”.
Monday – the greatest day for morons and idiots.  Heaven forbid Mondays that fall on the same days as a full moon, because then – the idiots just run rampant.  Or, maybe my life isn’t actually full of idiots, maybe by patience just runs a little thinner on Mondays…maybe, but I doubt it.
Monday – the day I never feel like cooking supper and struggle not to succumb to the overwhelming urge to stop for take-out on my way home.  I like to save take-out for Wednesdays…
Monday – the day when I’m in bed by 9:00 p.m. because by then…I need a time out.

How’s your Monday?
Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life. Unknown…

02 July, 2010

Random Friday - The Queen is Coming....

It’s Friday – Yippee!!
Yesterday was a holiday here in Canada and with that came a day off.  The sucky part of that - I had to come back to work for one stinking day.  The suckier part of that – there is no one here today except for my boss and a handful of other people.  I guess at least some people had the smarts to take today as a vacation day.  The suckiest part of all – I’m not one of those people.  Damn my need to save my vacation days for actual trips out of my lovely country in the dead of winter.
J worked yesterday (has today off in lieu of the holiday) and The Boy has finally secured a summer job, so I had the house to myself.  It was VERY nice to have some alone time.  I think that last day I had the house to myself was in 2003 (no lie).
Queen Elizabeth II is coming to the city where I work on Monday.  Yep, she is actually taking a tour of a Research in Motion facility, which happens to be down the street from where I work.  In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last decade Research in Motion just happens to be the maker’s of the Blackberry.  I don’t really picture the Queen as being much of a Crackberry junkie, but apparently it’s on her “Royal Wave” Tour.  I could however picture her with an iPhone…
It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend weather-wise, so I might just need to make a trip to the beach (Lake Erie).  It’s only about 20 minutes away, but seems like an eternity on the ride home when you end up with sand in your bathing suit and in between your toes and in your hair.  I hate sand…
Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends!!!   With that, I leave you with a quote from Jeff Foxworthy….
“You may be a redneck if... your lifetime goal is to own a fireworks stand.”

01 July, 2010

I Am Canadian...Happy Canada Day!