04 November, 2010

Would Knowing I Had a Tattoo Change Your Perception of Me?

I have two tattoos.  One is of a lighthouse and one is of a dolphin – both are on my inner ankles.   
I’m certainly not ashamed of them, but felt their locations on the inner ankle provided the best spot for combating future sagginess and of course, discretion.  
You might wonder why I’m concerned about discretion if I’m not ashamed of them.  
Well, regardless of who I am on in the inside, I work in a semi-professional work environment and instead of being judged by my abilities and talent, I’m judged by my looks, what I wear and how I act.  We all are…
Unfortunately, we all have to hide some of who we are in order to get ahead in life, to fit in or be accepted by the general population.  It’s not a fact that I like or accept, but it’s a fact that I deal with.  We all do… 
These hidden pieces of ourselves… are called secrets.  Everybody has at least one.
Guess what?  I’m getting another tattoo, but don’t tell anyone – especially my new boss.
Some things are better kept a secret…
Isn’t it pretty?


You are my Internet twin/friend! Mine are on my back and ribs.

Ahhh Rachel - thanks! I think this one will start of my back and curve around my right side.

I've considered getting my last name somewhere...

we do keep our secrets at times.
it is a way to protect oneself.
love your humor here.
Happy November.

nice. i like the new tat...and i understand the keeping it hidden in the biz world...

It's beautiful. I love ink when its done properly. I have two and could easily get another, they are so addictive!

My boss just had one done on the back of her neck, and she's a consultant psychologist (with short hair). She always marches to her own drum though and I respect her for it.

Wouldn't change my perception of you a bit. I've thought about getting one but have never found a design that meant enough to me to get it permanently applied to my body.

Yes, your turtle is very pretty! My brother in law has tattoos all over his arms, which is fine for the Harley Davidson shop where he works, but he says if he wears a dress shirt at a wedding or one knows he has any.

I might have a better idea if I could see you and the tattoo's for real!

You're way braver than me - I don't invite pain!

Oh I never would have guessed that but I am jealous! I want one really bad but have never gotten one. My hubs has one and wants another! Good luck with that! :)

Love the new turtle Tat.

Where will it be residing?

It's gorgeous! I love the turtle riding the wave, with the manta ray on its back!

I've wanted to get a tatoo for a long time, but am both scared and excited about it! What's holding me back though is the search need for the perfect design. Something that really speaks to ME. However did you choose? Did you draw them? My sister did for her first, and had an idea for the second which a Maori artist improved upon for her.

I don't know if I have enough self-confidence to pull one off... but if I did it would be on the outer side of an ankle!