29 November, 2010

Disappointment Comes Again...

As I mentioned yesterday, my first craft show when pretty well.  Thanks for all of your comments – at least I know my bloggy friends are supportive of me.  Do you smell some bitterness in the air?

Well, I wasn’t going to blog/whine about it BUT I’m pissed and need to vent somewhere.  So here goes – not a single member of my family or a single one of my physical “friends” bothered to show up at the show to lend their support or to just say "hi". 
I recognize that this is a busy time of year, but regardless – I would have made time for them and HAVE made time for them on NUMEROUS occasions – no excuses.  I’ve lent support in everything from attending stupid candle parties, cooking for retirement parties, hosting surprise parties, to being there through a failing marriage, to flying from Arizona back to Canada on a weekend to be at a friend’s wedding, to flying to the Caribbean to surprise another friend on her 40th birthday.   I’ve done all of that without any expectations of reciprocation or even thanks for that matter.  That’s what friends are for…I thought.
I’m the first person to be there for anyone in need of physical or emotional support, but I’m always the last one to receive it.  Perhaps it’s because I’m not needy.  Perhaps it’s because I’m strong and independent and don’t tend to rely on anyone for anything.    Hmmm, now I know why…it’s just easier that way - to avoid being disappointed.
The more I think about it, the more pissed I’ve become.  I’ve said it before – I need new friends and this just reaffirms that statement. 
I’m done with physical friends – virtual friends are more reliable and supportive.  I wonder how long before they realize that they’ve been un-friended.  Who am I kidding? They won’t realize anything is amiss until the next fundraiser or personal crisis rolls around…
So with that said, my rant is over.  Moving on...

Tomorrow's rant will be brought to you by "The New Internet Nazis".


Ah man, I would have come if I could! And sorry I have been absent on commenting - I was super sick last week and ended up in the hospital! I guess I have a good excuse, eh? Anyway, hope you have a good week and glad the craft show went well for you! :)

I imagine you are a bit disappointed. Dont let that spoil the success you enjoyed with your show.

I say just snub them when Jen Aniston is waiting in line to get your designs! You know they'll be pounding on your door to get to meet her and you can say, "Sorry only for those who attended earlier shows." :D

Tell me more about the new internet nazi's I am intrigued...

@ Brian - Thanks - I'm over it now. Rants do me a world of good.

@ Sarah - Thanks Sweetie! Of course, you don't need an excuse - you're just awesome. I hope you are feeling better. BTW, how did your interview go?

@ Simply Suthern - I was disappointed, but I'm over it now. My show was a success and I've received an increase in website traffic - all is good. Thanks :)

@ SA - I like they way you think.

I know I am going against the rant, but did you ask anyone to stop by? If you do all that stuff for others,
they may not think you need support. just wondering.

@ R. Jacob - That's the sad part, I did ask them to stop by. I wanted everyone to see what I'd been working in and to show my booth off. Oh well, such is life...

In that case there is no excuse. I guess it is time to whittle down your bff list to just a few.

seriously?! NO ONE?!?!

You have EVERY RIGHT to complain! Loud and clear! I was just going to comment on the previous post to congratulate you on how well it went (and say:"can we see some pictures?!") but I got upset for you at this post and had to say something here!

I have felt this before when none of my friends showed up for my choir concerts... upsetting is too gentle a word. Was extremely disappointed and a bit angry.

You should at least tell your family how upset you are!

In any case, we love you!!! You have cyber-friends who wish you nothing but the best!!!