22 November, 2010

Observations from My First Day…

I love my office – you know it's one of those things with a door and a window.  Apart from the filing cabinets, it’s pretty sparse so far, but over time I’ll try to introduce some of “me” to the mix.  I have an unhealthy collection of fridge magnets which would go nicely on my shiny new 4 drawer filing cabinet or perhaps my bobble head flamingo will go nicely on the corner of my desk.  Only time will tell how much of me I choose to let show…
The people seem genuinely nice.  The majority of them are long, long, long time employees, so it can’t be all that bad of a place to work.  I haven’t found one person that has irritated me today, so that’s a plus. 
There is an awesome cafeteria here, equipped with an ice cream vending machine.  Oooyaaaa…  Okay, so there isn’t a beer keg or ping pong table, but I’m sure I’ll manage.
I think the work will keep me busy and entertained - once I figure out what that work might actually be.  I'm either in charge of contracts or I might be a United Nations liaison...only time will tell on that one too...


happy first day. no beer? to late to reconsider?

Glad things went well.

You might just be the entertainment. LOL

jealous of the ice cream vending machine!

Glad you are liking the new M-F diggs. Frisk your coworkers and check their vehicles, you never know you might find that keg of beer.

Sounds like it's going well and the ice cream...I am jealous!

cool!!! sounds like a good first day and promises fine things for the future! I hope the place fulfills its promises! ;o)

but watch out for that ice cream machine... looks like a danger zone to me! :p

I'm glad you like the new job so far. That's awesome!

I used to have a cuddly bunny on top of my cabinet, and everyone thought I was a little softy, until they realised it got flung at the walls when I got frustrated with people, and occasionally got flung at the people that annoyed me.

As I got older, I mellowed and the bunny got abused less and less! I just accepted that people aren't perfect!

What great news!! I'm so glad your first day was fabulous and you have a real office w/a door!!!