28 November, 2010

Craft Show Crazieness...

Well, I've successfully managed to survive my first craft show.  I might be a little less sane then I was on Friday, but I'm alive. 

J deserves an award for his patience and support throughout this whole thing.  He sat with me for two whole days and didn't complain once.  I'm sure he's saving his IOU for moment probably in the not too distant future...

The show ran both Saturday and Sunday and it was quite large.  Although there were a lot of shoppers, the buyers were hit and miss.  As with anything, a person's taste are their own and what appeals to one does not appeal to all.  I get that.

All in all, I'm happy with how it all turned out.  I made enough money to cover my show expenses, with a little left over.  The best part was the exposure and the positive feedback I received - both on my booth and my jewelry. 

At the moment, life is good.  Now I can concentrate of getting some Christmas shopping done.  


Well Congratulations on a successful show. I know you must be proud. Bet J is proud too.

Things is lookin up.

nice. congrats on a successful first show...way to go

Well done you. The first is always the hardest and scariest, so glad you made it through with some positives.

Life is good, enjoy it.

A good learning experience. It will take a few more to get a feel of what sells. Was it comparable to what sells on line? Glad you enjoyed it!

Congrats on getting out there! That is super exciting.