21 November, 2010

Inspirational Thought...

Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  No excuses - just life.

I start my new job tomorrow, so I doubt I will have any time to blog at work (at least not tomorrow) *wink*.

Anyhow since I don't seem to have the time to form a complete train of thought, I'll leave you with this quote I read on a greeting card...

"Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you."

It's good...I wish I'd though of it...


heh, wait a minute! we would help you switch jobs and we would get in return...it's right here, the contract...see it said that you would...never mind, you didn't sign it.....

nice to see you...best wishes for the new job!

Good luck starting that new position. Hope it is all you expect.

good luck with the new job!!!

I don't know wether to hope it will allow you blogging time or not! On the one hand that would mean you'd be bored at work again (not good!), on the other hand it means we'll be reading less of you! (sad!)


word verification: lipsocke?!?!?! lol!

I hope your first day's been good.