25 November, 2010

Better Late, Than Never....

Sorry folks,  I've been so consumed with the new job and my upcoming craft show and of course, I have the excuse of being Canadian and it's therefore not a holiday for me, that I almost forgot what day it is.  I know, what the hell, was I thinking.

So, without further adieu... BTW, I picked that up from my time spent with a Shakespearean festival here in Canada (located in the town  made famous by that stupid dumb ass Bieber kid).  Anyhoodle....


I'm sure you all have something to be thankful for and if you don't, be thankful that your not Justin Bieber....or Charlie Sheen.


I am getting all misty eyed with your warm thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving!

While not a fan of Charlie Sheen I am envious of how screwed up he can be and nothing ever happens.

Thanks for the holiday wishes..so sweet!! It's ok that you almost forgot what day it was..I'm certain that many Canadian holidays pass by w/o my knowledge.