Wonderful Weekend and Then Monday Comes…

I don’t usually hate Mondays, but I do today. I would prefer to come to work and do my job without drama – especially on Mondays. Alas, it’s not meant to be.

Instead, I get to deal with internal sales people. Let’s just say, sales people and the legal department cannot possibly live cohesively. I’ve tried and failed - miserably.

All I want to do is do my job.  My job is to point out legal risks and all the sales people want to do is sell product and they could not give a rat’s-ass about legal risks. They want to make their commission.

Honestly, they’d prefer if I was not allowed in the building – it would make their job easier. Believe me, I’d prefer if I was not allowed in the building – it would keep my blood pressure lower than it is at the moment.

The worst part is - they are cowards. If they have a problem, it would be so much easier to call us and talk about it, but instead they play stupid games and call meetings to discuss the legal department behind our backs.  BUT, guess who they call and inconvenience when they are being sued for ignoring the risks we pointed out?

Well, I’m done with their crap. They’ve crossed the line and once you’re on my bad side, there is no turning back – I’ll despise you for life.  If they think legal has been difficult in the past, just wait. 
There, now that's off my chest...I hope everyone DOES have a fantastic Monday (unless you are one of the aforementioned sales people).


R. Jacob said…
hey wait a minute
I am a salesman or an unsalesaman!
Ugh, I'm with you on the Monday thing. That frog was not cooperating this morning :\
@ Ray - No offense to salesmen in general - just the ones I work with tend to be difficult.
Simply Suthern said…
I cant sell anything.

I dont mind Mondays. I like coming to work. I usually dont have to deal with sales or legal.

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