Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

For over three weeks now, I’d see him in the morning, walking along the side of the dusty country road. I couldn’t quite figure out if he was coming or going, but he seemed to moving along with purpose.

Then on my return trip in the evenings, I would see him just sitting in the tall grass off to the side of the road – not too far from where I saw him in the morning. Once again, I’d wonder what he was up to and where he lived. I began to think that perhaps he was homeless or lost, as he didn’t seem to wander too far from the side of the road.

As the days passed, I began to worry about his safety since he was sitting so close to the passing cars, hidden in the tall grass. I also worried out his well being during the midst of the recent heat wave. Did he have enough shade? Did he have enough water? Did he have enough food?

On Friday evening of last week, I noticed he wasn’t in his usual spot and then on Monday, I noticed he wasn’t walking along like he typically is in the mornings. Same thing today, I didn’t see him. I’m hoping everything is okay and that he chose to move along and didn’t fall victim to the heat or some other unfortunate event.

Even though I may not know people individually along my commute, I find it funny how I become personally attached to seeing them, observing their routines and missing them when their gone.

I’ll keep looking for him. Maybe he’s just on summer vacation…let’s hope – I miss him.  At least I'm assuming it was a "him".

Muscovy Duck


R. Jacob said…
I think "he" moved to Florida with all his relatives!
I hope he's (she's) OK too! Cute duck :)
Jacqui said…
Maybe (s)he found true love with another Muscovy and waddled off into the sunset wing in wing.

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