Thinking About Stuff...

For not doing much these last few weeks/weekends, I cannot seem to shut my brain off. I honestly believe I have recently developed an adult form of ADD, as I cannot seem to focus on one thing for very long and my mind easily wanders from one thing to the next. Needless to say, getting through the work day has been a huge problem for me.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by social obligations – current or pending? Like I said before, we haven’t done much this summer and we certainly haven’t been socializing, but I’m feeling overwhelmed by social obligations that haven’t even happened yet. I need to invite multiple friends over for dinner. You know the whole – “it’s my turn” fiasco. I need to visit an old co-worker – she doesn’t drive, so it leaves me to go to her. I need to RSVP to my niece’s wedding. I need to help plan my friend’s 50th birthday party. I need to make multiple appointments for not-so-social events like the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc. All I do is think about these things, but I haven’t felt the need to actually accomplish any of them yet.

Speaking of my friend’s upcoming birthday party – well, she’s much, much older than me and happens to be turning 50 and is NOT happy about it. I think if any event will trigger an emotional meltdown, this just might do it. So to say we have to “handle her with care” would be an understatement. She insists she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s turning 50, but in the next breath, she keeps telling me to make sure her husband does something nice for her. That’s where I come in. Her husband has asked me to help him plan something special. He is the least imaginative person there is going, so I’ve had to put a stop to his “just dinner plans” at a local restaurant. In case he forgot, she’s turning 50 and the restaurant he wants to go to is really nice – if you’re turning 70 and want to eat at 4:00 pm. It’s not the place you go to have fun with a bunch of your scuba friends.

What are my birthday bash ideas? Well, there is local “eco-adventure” venue near us which features a 2 hour, multi-level zip-lining course. I think she would love it once she got used to the idea of hurtling herself off a platform. If anyone else wishes to participate, they can and then we simply have a potluck barbeque onsite. They also offer some cool “glamping” opportunities (i.e. glamorous camping), so if her husband wanted to make it extra special, he could.

My other idea is a “twilight” cruise on Lake Erie. We have acquaintances that run these cruises, so we could rent the entire boat and load it with her friends, food and drink and then off we go – to dance, eat, swim, drink and dance some more. We have done this about 10 years ago and it was a HUGE hit. I think we’re ready for a repeat. I think I’m ready for a repeat.

Birthdays should be about fun, not dwelling on how many years have passed, but instead how many are yet to come and things you plan to do. How would you prefer to celebrate your birthday – geezer dinner, zip-lining or a 3 hour cruise?


Brian Miller said…
ooo i so want to do one of the tree top tours...we have looked into the ones in WVA

and was def feeling the social obligation stress last week...
Rachel said…
My problem has been extreme forgetfulness this past week. I can't keep anything in my head and my boss has even noticed, saying "it's not like you to forget" and that I'm "slip
The 3 hour cruise sounds fun but I would fall off and drown with as much "fun" as I have ;)

The zip-lining sounds so fun!

I say flip a coin, heads zip-lining, and tails 3 hr booze cruise ;)
Jacqui said…
Oh, definitely the cruise. It sounds a wonderful way to spend a birthday.
CrazyCris said…
Zip-lining sounds like a blast!!! But since I love me a good fiesta I'd probably choose the cruise. ;o)

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