This and That...

Happy Belated Canada Day to my Canadian readers; and

Happy Independence Day (Tomorrow) to my American readers; and

Happy Battle of the Boyne Day (on Thursday) to my Nothern Ireland readers. I’m not even sure that I have any Irish followers or what the holiday is even about, but I see it’s on my calendar, so it must be worth celebrating. Enjoy!

Today is my first day back to work after an extra long four day weekend. I’m struggling to say the least and while I love the extra days off, sometimes it’s just not worth the punishment of having to get back into the work groove.

J and I spent a good portion of the day on Friday, taking an extra, extra long stroll on the beach. There just something about sunshine, water and sand that makes all your worries disappear. Even if the feeling was short-lived, at least the cobwebs were temporarily removed from my brain.

As with much of North America, we are in the midst of a heat wave. I’m not complaining about the heat, but I am complaining about the fact that our central air conditioning unit stopped working on Saturday. Of course with it being a holiday weekend, there wasn’t a soul around with a part to fix it, so we struggled through and will hopefully pick up the part to have it repaired today. I think the HVAC guy was a little taken aback when I told him I just needed the part and that we didn’t require him to install it for us because I was well versed in the repair required… all thanks to You Tube.

Ooooh, I did get a bit of good news last week. It appears I haven’t managed to totally tick my boss off because apparently he has approved my performance bonus for this year. Thank goodness for small wonders. Now, I just have to make it through the formal review to see if a raise is also forthcoming. I’m not holding my breath…

Time to get back to work…I have people to impress and 3 days left to do it. Good thing I work well under pressure.


Rachel said…
Happy Canada Day! I've kind of wanted to eat a beaver tail since I first heard of them. Yay, for you and your YouTubeness for fixing your ac!
Brian Miller said…
woohoo on performance bonuses...and time off...very nice...way to rock the repair as well...
Simply Suthern said…
Happy Canada Day to you and J.

Hopefully your You Tubeness will keep you cool.

Ours quit last weekend as well. Luckily it is still under warranty.

Hard to stop a Trane? Really?
This year we're having "cool" weather here on the south plains :) We are at a high of 34C for most of the week and then next week its supposed to rain, which means cooler weather!

Everyone is over the moon considering last year it was 3-digit weather for all of June and July!

Hope the weather cools down for you :)

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