Driftwood Dreams and Sea Glass Treasures...

Nothing new here.  The weekend was uneventful, which is always a nice change.

J and I went for another loooong walk on the beach yesterday.  I think with all the fresh air and exercise, we need Sundays to recover.

I've been working away on a couple of new jewelry pieces, which I thought I'd share.

Sea Glass Treasures

This one contains pieces of sea and beach glass from Long Point, Lake Erie; Rincon, Puerto Rico; Negros Islands, Philippines; Oahu, Hawaii.  The large pendant piece is the bottom of an old Coke bottle.

Driftwood Dreams

The pendant on this piece is a piece of old tree bark I found on the beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  I love the way the worm holes make the piece look.


Brian Miller said…
very cool....i love the look and feel of both driftwood and sea glass...
Simply Suthern said…
Your stuff always looks so nice.

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