27 July, 2012

Clean Up Your Act...

This week’s rant is brought to you by the letter T - as is in Trash.

I am absolutely appalled by the amount of trash/garbage/refuse that I have seen lying along the sides of the roads these last few weeks. I’ve witnessed everything from an old mattress, to old shoes and a chair, but the worst thing of all has been the amount of fast food trash.

Have people really become that lazy and oblivious to the world around them? Apparently so. Do they think that by tossing their SH*T out the window, it will magically disappear? Apparently so.

I just can’t understand what these individuals can possibly be thinking. Oh wait – they aren’t! There are trash cans at every fast food outlet. Public parks, malls and almost every other public space have trash cans. Every household has at least one trash can. Use them!

I read a local news article yesterday where one town has the problem of finding whole trash bags full strewn about their rural areas because certain counties have a “pay per bag” service. So in order to avoid paying the “bag tax” of $2.00, they will spend at least $2.00 in gasoline to drive to a rural area to dispose of their trash. I guess it makes sense if you’re an IDIOT!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a miracle solution to the problem. I could blame the kids, but then I’d have to blame the parents because we know inconsideration for other’s feelings, things and places is a learned response.  It's shameful...

Too bad, I didn’t have a cure for the “idiot syndrome”, I’d be rich.


That does suck and that is one of my biggest pet peeves also! People are so lazy and it drives me crazy! Luckily I don't feel like I see too much trash in my area or on my commute, but still. The worst is cigarette butts thrown out the window. Either use your ash tray in your car or another cup or something or DON'T smoke!!! Argh! Sorry - I just get annoyed with it too! :)

Texas is weird about trash, not that you don't see it on the streets but the police are allowed to fine you up to $2,000USD and 180 days in jail. However, people still litter. So sad, especially next to lakes or parks :(

was just thinking this as we were driving back from vacation....ugh...there is so much junk on the roads....

UGH!!! You're right, it's a learned response... so I vote we send the parents of littering kids and teens with said kids to a special learning place!

Forest fires get started with some of that rubbish... no laughing matter! :s