28 September, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Before we start, please take a minute and go visit The Un Mom - every week she hosts this wonderful random party.

Okay, here goes...

Running away and joining the circus sounded like an appealing idea, until I remembered I don’t like clowns.  Creepy bastards…

The “Everything you Wanted to Know About Sex Show” is on this weekend in London.  I don’t think I need to go again this year.   Seriously, how much could have possibly changed since last year?

I quit my job today.  It’s amazing how much less shit I’ve put up with today, than I did yesterday.  It feels good to be liberated…again.

I have officially received word that I’m not crazy.  Well, maybe I AM crazy, but I’m just not at risk for going postal on my co-workers.  At least that’s what the “business psychologist” my new employers sent me to determined.  I can hardly wait for the official report.  Then, I have some “I told you so” calls to make.

I will post more on the new job at a later date, but right now, I have some more co-workers to make miserable.  What are they going to do?  Fire me? (insert evil laugh here)


Did you really quit?? Congratulations.
You quit and they are actually letting/making you work a notice?
That is getting rare these days as they are afraid of short timers disease. It spreads fast.

Cant wait to here about the new job.

@Simply Suthern - Yes I quit. Thanks for the congrats. My contract says that I must give 1 months notice. Time will tell, if they want me to leave early.

congrats! that is awesome....best of luc in the new job!

You short timer you! Hope the new job is better.

OMG! That is huge - I am happy for you - I think!!?? If it is what will make you happy, then good for you. I can't wait to hear if you have another job lined up or if you are just going to look. Luckily I don't want to quit my job. Good for you though!

WOW, big news. I bet you're walking taller after all the c**p has been lifted from your shoulders. Well done you.

One could see this coming for awhile. Awaiting the new adventures of the new job! Congrats