20 September, 2010

Today Monday is Okay...

For a Monday, I’m feeling pretty good about life.   Don’t be me wrong, I always feel good about life – just not about Mondays.

It was a busy weekend.  

I attended a bead show in Toronto on Saturday.   As boring, as it sounds – it was.  Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil and are a great place to purchase different inventory that can’t be found locally, at low cost.   J was a real trooper and didn’t complain once.   I think he knew that he owed me for all of the times I trudge merrily along with him to the aquarium store and pretend to care about his fish.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about – being miserable together?

After the show, we headed across town to drop off a jacket and broom to The Boy.  Yes, he actually asked us to bring him the broom and dustpan.  Apparently, dust bunnies DO bother him…who knew?

We also took him to lunch, which he was extremely grateful for.  I guess cafeteria grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese do not compare to the slow broiled ribs of Baton Rouge.  Can’t say I’d argue that one.  

During lunch, he informs us that he likes the independence of living on this own.  He was worried about telling us that because he didn’t want us to have hurt feelings.  We assured him, that we miss him, but are happy that he’s happy.  He’s doing well, he’s making friends and most importantly, he’s learning what life is all about.  Yeah!

After lunch, he asks if we can stop at the grocery store for “a few things”.   $90 of my money later, he’s well stocked up on milk, cheese, cereal, cookies, juice and soda.  Apparently his independence isn’t all that important where money is concerned.  It’s good to see somethings never change...


Glad your Monday isnt as bad as it could be. LOL

I love aquariums. I had a couple in the past. I dont have one cause I cant afford the fish I like. LOL. One day.

I can trade notes on the new school thing. My girl let us know real quick she likes her new found independence as long as it come with a oneway umbilical that cash flows thru. Mom I'm broke, which ensues into a long lovey conversation. When she has money she barely makes contact.
We feel so used. LOL

haha. i love that kinda independance too...my cupboard is a bit bare..want to come over...smiles.

it's good to help out with food stuff and the sundries. What you will see is all the laundry that comes home to be cleaned!

Sorry I am so late to comment! That is too funny that he needed those few things and it turned into a lot of money - that is how it always is! And part of the reason I think I only want one kid! :) Hope things are going well for you - I have been absent a lot but hope things will slow down soon so I can blog more since I do love it. I have a feeling they won't slow down, but I will just have to adapt instead! Ah, life!