Once Again, I'm Honored...

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that one of my new necklaces had been selected as a "feature photo" by Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors website.

 Around The World

This necklace is approximately 18 inches in length and has been created using various pieces of genuine sea-glass, which have been handpicked directly from the sandy, sunny beaches of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bonaire and El Salvador.


Brian Miller said…
nice. congrats..i like it...the pendant plays well with the stone...
f8hasit said…
That's beautiful! The necklace AND the award!

I love sea glass. There's a little store around the corner that has a lady selling her wares there with Lake Erie glass. I love her stuff, but it's not quite as nice as yours!!
Simply Suthern said…
It must be truly fulfilling to have your handywork recognized. Congratulations.

It is very lovely.
Mama Zen said…

It is stunning!
M.J. said…
It's beautiful! I also collect sea glass. How do you make the holes? I guess there's just a special drill bit for glass?
@Brian - Thanks. I found the pendant and knew that I had glass to match.

@f8hasit - Thanks! I collect a lot of glass from Lake Erie as well, but not enough to make a piece - yet.

@Simply Suthern - It's nice to know that at least someone besides me thinks it's nice.

@Mama Zen - Thank you.

@MJ - Thank you. I drill underwater, using a Dremmel drill with a diamond bit.
Nice necklace :) Congrats!

By the way weird, but I cannot click on yesterday's post from your site.

have a great day!
Jacqui said…
How lovely to be featured - well done.
Raven said…
Congrats! That is a lovely necklace. I wish I could afford to buy it!

Have a great weekend!

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