Soul Sucking or Soul Searching - One Should Lead to the Other...

J has been with the same company for 8 years now and has been having some ongoing issues with his boss.  His boss is and always has been a dictator, know it all and over all pain in the ass.  J is very easy-going and usually can let things roll off his back, but lately it’s getting to him and he’s bringing his dark moods home with him.  He’s lost total interest in his hobbies, exercise, etc. and basically sits on the couch, watching television and sighing a lot. *sigh*

I of all people, understand bad times at work.  Hell, I could write a whole book on jack-off bosses and bat shit crazy co-workers.   I’ve been patient, I’ve been supportive.  I’ve even told him to quit, that we will manage, but my patience are failing.  My motto is “get the hell out if you aren’t happy”, so why the hell is he not listening to me?  

J and I are different in that, I embrace change.  He’s a little more reluctant to take chances.   He gets comfortable and likes routine, but it’s that same routine that’s gotten the better of him.  He’s optimistic that it’s just a “phase”.  I hope he’s right…

“Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy.” Henri de Lubac


Simply Suthern said…
I too hate change. Fortunately I love my job or did I just get used to it. Now Im confused.

I like a routine too. So much around us changing that it is just something solid to hold on too even if it might be a bit slimey.

Hope he can get out of his funk.
Jacqui said…
We always had a rule that the first half an hour home from work, we offloaded the day's crap - and then it wasn't to interfere with our home life. It wasn't always easy to stick to but after a while it became routine and worked well for us.

Work was work, it paid the bills - our home life is special and we were protective of work not getting in there.
R. Jacob said…
A bad boss can make life miserable. Sometimes it isn't change that is the problem, but change to what and where to, that is the problem. All though quitting would be a relief, a new job search would be draining. All the best.
Brian Miller said…
its a tough economy for frivolous change, but a boss can make or break a job...i know that for
Just tell him that his boss is a poopnoodle but you do have to explain what that is.

Look it up, it'll gross you out but it's funny...sort was to me :)
@ Simply Suthern - I have faith he'll get out of his funk - hopefully soon. *fingers crossed*

@ Jacqui - Usually we don't bring things home, but this one seems to have gotten the better of him.

@ R. Jacob - You are absolutely right. Sometime the devil you know is better than the one you don't.

@ Brian - Thanks.

@ SA - OMG! I just spit out my water when I looked up poopnoodle - priceless!!!
Sarah said…
Oh gosh, we are right there with you. My husband is not loving his job these days. It is not fun to have the negativity dwelling in your home life. It is rough and brings you down but if you can, try to do your best to be supportive and to encourage him to be happy. It's tough - hope you get through it ok! Good luck!

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