Professional Babysitter Extraordinaire...

I am once again baffled by the management of the company I work for. I’m even more baffled why those in certain management roles in the company continue to get promoted, are given bonuses, raises, etc. 

Without going into great detail, I’ll try to summarize the latest round of moronic moves made by management, including my boss. We have a sales operations team in place; that are supposed to be responsible for reviewing and processing incoming purchase orders. Part of the review process is to confirm whether or not we have negotiated terms and conditions in place and if we do, the sales operations team is to confirm that this is referenced on the incoming purchase orders. If the negotiated terms are not referenced, our policy states that we are to reject the purchase order until it is corrected. Easy enough right? 

Somewhere along the line, the sales operations team decided to ignore this company policy and have been accepting all purchase orders – regardless of what terms and conditions may apply. It may seem harmless enough, but in the event of a law suit and as a publicly traded company, we could suffer great damage. 

Here’s the rub… Instead of reprimanding those that haven’t been doing their job properly (because we know that would be too easy), I have been appointed “babysitter to the sales ops team”. Hooray for me! I was actually told “I’m, afraid the sales ops team just aren’t smart enough to “get it”, so you’ll now be helping them out”. WTF? 

So, I am now responsible for reviewing all incoming purchase orders to ensure policy compliance and then I get to prepare the necessary acceptance or rejection letters for them so that they can send them out to the customers because they aren’t smart enough to do that either. 

On the upside, at least I’ll be busier since we receive an average of 50 plus purchase orders per week. 

The pattern continues....You may recall this post - where was asked by my boss to assist the HR Director with the preparation of sales compensation letters because (and I quote) “You are the only one out there smart enough to figure it out and get it right.” What is wrong with this place?

I’m so happy to see that idiots are still promoted and rewarded at mind-blowing speeds around this place, while those that do their jobs are left to wonder what the hell they did to get screwed over…again. 

Did I mention no one is being reprimanded for blatantly ignoring company policy? I bet those individuals are also up for raises and promotions too. That's it for now, I'm off to update my resume and change the title on my business cards to "Professional Babysitter.


It's like my mom always said, if you do a great job you will always be asked to do a great job over and over again.

not fair.
R. Jacob said…
You have become the go to girl. Job security or a pain in the ass, your call.
Brian Miller said…
so how is that job search coming?
Simply Suthern said…
Where I used to work it was called "Screw Up To Move Up". They moved people into places where they could do less damage.

Makes no sense. They most have pics of someone.
Preach It! Today I hate people. Good luck on the job search :)
JennAventures said…
you know-about a month a go I tasked with reading a co workers emails before she sent them? Oy.

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