Drum Roll Please....

I’m happy it’s Friday!!!   What more is there to say? Well, lots:
  • My boss is away today and while that makes me happy, this is usually the time the undesirables come out and try to get me to fast track their contract reviews.  Do they really think I plan on working today?  Stupid, misguided people…
  • Tonight’s lotto here in Canada (Lotto Max) is estimated to be approximately $50 million, plus an additional thirty-two $1 million dollar bonus draws.  I could do so much good or evil (depending on my mood) with that kind of cash…
  • The dipstick HR cube-dweller is on holidays today, so I can rest easy that I won’t have to listen to her talking with her mouth full of granola.   She’s 42 – one would think she’d have learned some manners by now, but apparently it’s “cool to drool” where she comes from.
  • My company handed out “profit sharing” bonuses last week and while I’m thankful for this, by the time the tax man got done with it, there was barely enough left to buy lunch….at McDonald’s. *sigh*
  • Only 3 weeks left until my baby boy heads off to college.  Eeek!  Tomorrow, we will be shopping for “stuff” for his dorm room.
  • Speaking of The Boy, he’s been busy working on a nursery farm for the summer.  If manual labor is not enough to make him understand the value of an education, nothing will.  J and I both grew up on farms, so we understand what he is going through.  He hasn’t complained once - I’m proud of him.
Happy Friday!!! What’s on your to do list this weekend?


R. Jacob said…
I am about to spend the day pressure cleaning my driveway and sidewalks. At least I have the day off to do it.
Simply Suthern said…
Sounds like things are looking up for you.

We deliver our daughter to college next Saturday. They did the college shopping last week. I think the tuition was cheaper.
Jacqui said…
We're hiring a van so we can drive over the Penines and collect our new furniture for our conservatory which I bought off Ebay. £100 instead of £600.

Enjoy your shopping trip.
I will be doing lots of chores but I think I might enjoy the activity :) Other than that not much.

I'm excited for your son :) His first bachelor pad! You need to get him some type of neon sign :D
Miss Footloose said…
Letting kids go off on their own is not easy, but grown children have their benifits and pleasures, as I have discovered. Empty nesting is everything it's craked up to be, as long as the kids are happy.

And your son not complaining about working out in the wilds on a nursery farm without complaining shows you've got a good one there!

My to do list? Housecleaning, office cleaning, catching up on my blogger friends.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Footloose
NEW url!! : www.lifeintheexpatlane.com
Brian Miller said…
nice on the boy...and what a friday the boss and the dipstick away...
Happy Friday to you! My boy has one last year of highschool before he's off to college and I though THAT was coming fast!

Have a great weekend - we just found out one of our towers (provided by my company) fell on a lady's car and killed it completely - now we have to pay for a replacement. OOPs!!!

I think I'll start the weekend with a stiff drink! :)
K13 said…
As you know those 3 weeks will fly by...hope you enjoy them!! I bet he is excited to go though.

Good luck in the lotto if you are playing and if you win, can you fly me and E up to visit you?!?!?!
Awww, boy off to college. :(
We have our lotto max tickets too, hope you win big! Good luck.

Have a great weekend.

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